Waking up to a morning without him

Waking up to a morning without him

One day we will wake up and see that we no longer have Tayyip Erdoğan in our lives…

Stop now, for a moment, you blind followers and idiot trolls. Before you attack, read the piece first… I am making a simple brain exercise. At the end of my piece you will understand what I want to say…

Imagine. One morning we will wake up with a statement from President Erdoğan’s office which goes: “I have done whatever I can for this country. But now I am tired and will retreat…”

Just think, please. 

Some of us will have screams of joy and hug each other… Some others will put their heads between their hands and weep; they will wail.

What happens next? 

Yes, try to imagine three days after this. Picture what kind of a mood would develop in the life of the entire country. 

On that exact day, try to guess who else would be wiped away from the agenda of the country together with him. 

I could do it for you, if you wish. 

The biggest loser of such a morning will be the blind crew who earn a living out of being unconditional “Tayyip fanatics.” 

The incompetent staff that supports Erdoğan blindly and attacks his opponents blindly, those who pour truckloads of money into the media’s pools, those who publish those newspapers that are somehow never read, those who write for those papers…

On that day, they will all become a “Ronin,” which is a samurai with no lord or master…

Or, if you assume that Erdoğan withdraws, those in the opposite neighborhood will become very happy… 

No, there will be a twilight zone in that neighborhood. There will be many unhappy people there, those who swear Erdoğan constantly, those who cannot write without swearing him, those who cannot make their columns be read. Those who earn from being an enemy of Erdoğan, their lives will be difficult also. 

The reason is they have rusted for the past 13 years. They have become lazy, because their only business is hating Erdoğan. 

If we wake up to such a morning one day, be sure they will also be among those who will be wiped away. 

Both sides will have a tough time because they are the human species who cannot live without a master and without an enemy. And it will take them many long years to create a master or an enemy of Erdoğan’s caliber, not possible.

Addicted to Erdoğan  

The old-school “parallel structure” has been removed; “the king’s new men” have replaced them. Whatever the old parallel did, this new crew is multiplying it. The paid soldiers of the troll army, the bodyguards, those who obey every instruction of Erdoğan, those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for him… they also will have a hard time. 

Actually, we are all Erdoğan-addicted. Unfortunately, we will not be able to live without Erdoğan. We have grown lazy. Like baby birds, we are waiting for him to put a bit of birdseed into our mouths. 

Our food chain is this now. Some of us are fed by rage; some others by adoration and worship. 

We may not have prevented him from becoming an executive president, but we have all together made him a father. 

In the eyes of some of us, he is a bad father, or some of us seem like bad children in his eyes. The good children of the house do not raise their voices either out of admiration or out of fear.

He loves some of his children; he beats some others. 

When we wake up one morning, if he is not there, be sure that it will be difficult for all of us to adapt to this new life…