The beginning of a new era

The beginning of a new era

The first sign came from The Hague five days ago…

The international court sentenced Russia to pay $50 billion to the partners of the Lukos Company. The message is quite clear: “If you shadow over businessmen with your Ministry of Finance, with your police, with the justice system that is only serving you and try to diminish them, then there is a price for it…”

This price may be paid by your state today; it may be paid by your own self tomorrow…

The second sign came the other day.

The European Union and the United States are starting to impose sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine. There is a minor, but very important detail in the news. The sanctions will target the leader and those close to the leader, as well as top executives, in this state who have responsibility in making these decisions.

The meaning of this is very clear: “The world is opening a new chapter, buddy. If you apply the wrong and ruthless decisions of politicians and those who think they have all the power, then you will have to face the consequences.”

I am repeating. In the past five days, something strange has started happening in the world. And if this course of events continues, this is how I interpret it:

This is all bad news to the authoritarian governments that feel they occupy their seats forever, who feel invincible. In other words, a new era is opening where people committing crimes will not get away with them.

In the past in Turkey, heavy financial pressure was exerted on companies. Many companies were subjected to major injustices. The fortunes of some were almost snatched. Some went bankrupt. Some others, though, were inflated disproportionally. It was planted as if whoever had done it would get away with it.

No, it will not. No, they will not. The signs are pointing to that direction.

Hey, to the politician who feels he is a Greek god, who feels invincible; I am addressing you: “Know that all of your power is at the same time an Achilles’ heel.”

But my real word is to the moth-like bureaucrats who fly around the powerful and act on their behalf; to the police, to the prosecutor, to the judge…

Here is a word of advice from me, bud: Be careful. The world is changing. You may be laughing on the wrong side of your mouth. You may be left all alone, naked before international conscience and justice… Don’t count on “it will not happen.” It does happen. It happens, mate…

Black cats  

I read it in The Times yesterday. According to animal shelters in the U.K., 70 percent of abandoned cats were black. This time, the reason is that black cats do look good in selfies taken with black cats.

We had a black cat that lived many years with us until she died on my wife Tansu’s lap. We buried her in our garden in our house in Akbük. We had adopted her as a kitten when she lost her mother.

That black cat only brought luck to us, a lot of good luck. I was having financial troubles; only two weeks after we adopted our cat, I was offered an advisory position at Hürriyet. Another advisory position was also offered from another company. We started earning good money.   

She had four kittens. The family who adopted one of the kittens won the lottery that week. Our cat brought us both luck and extraordinary happiness and friendship. That’s why I was so sad when I read this in The Times.