Inconsistencies in president's claims against Doğan

Inconsistencies in president's claims against Doğan

Before the June 7 elections, he explained in his Ankara rally on May 19 a conversation he had with Aydın Doğan, the founder and honorary chairman of Doğan Holding. He said general things; he implied some things, but this sentence was not there: “There were times when we made governments come and go.”

On May 20, on his way back from Bosnia, he said the same things on the plane to journalists on board. That sentence was not there. 

On May 21, on the broadcast with ATV and A Haber, again the talk with Aydın Doğan was brought up by him. Again, there was no sentence as “there were times when we made governments come and go.”

On May 25, on another public speech at Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli district, he brought up the same subject. That sentence was again not there. 

Well, how come he never mentioned this striking sentence in any of his speeches before June 7 and now, 14 years later, he felt the need to add it? 

Terror is escalating; the economy has dived; opinion polls are not good; the Syrian and Egyptian policies are busted…

I am wondering whether their intention is to attack the Doğan Group and silence them through intimidation. 

An Ankara hotel or Istanbul’s Conrad? 

The president in three different speeches given on May 19, May 20 and May 25 said, “I met Aydın Doğan at Istanbul’s Conrad Hotel.” The same president during his Kanal A interview to Mehmet Barlas on May 21 said, “This meeting took place in a hotel in Ankara.” 

Well, where was this missing meeting held, I wonder? 

I checked the official internet site of the president of the Republic of Turkey. It was reported there that he has said, in his interview with Mehmet Barlas, “This meeting took place in a hotel in Ankara.”

Why do you think the reason of this sudden appearance of this sentence that even the venue where it was spoken is somehow confusing? 

Could it be a failure of the memory? 

Or, is it a deliberate perception management? 

Through the credibility of past lies  

The troll herds, the cash registrars of the pool media, the dynasty of the pool media, they have all taken the support of the state and the government behind them and they have left nothing unsaid about the Doğan Group; no lies and no slander were wasted. They used everything. 

Well, who is telling the truth? 

The lie that was told yesterday about the “half naked, leather wearing gang attacking a headscarf wearing sister of ours at Istanbul’s Kabataş district,” the reality of that incident is as real as what is said about Aydın Doğan today. 

The lie that was told yesterday about “those protestors at Gezi park incidents who drank alcohol inside the mosque,” the reality in that lie is as real as what is being said about Mr. Doğan today. 

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ surveys 

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has told staff journalists on the PM’s A330 jet that according to the surveys, the vote of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has gone up to 43 percent. 

Daily Posta writer Candaş Tolga Işık wrote the election forecasts of four research companies working for AKP before the June 7 vote. Three of the four companies estimated the AKP would win 47 percent of the votes while the remaining one said 49 percent. All four companies projected that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) would not be able to cross the 10 percent election threshold. 

Now the same four companies forecast the AKP will win 43 percent of the votes on Nov. 1 elections. 

This means AKP votes have gone down 4 points according to three companies and 6 points according to another. 

It means the situation does not seem too bright at all for the moment…