Dangerous words spoken by the PM

Dangerous words spoken by the PM

In a country exhausted with rage, naval cavities, larynxes, shouting, calls, threats, revenge and hate, I do not feel like writing about politics. We are exhausted. We are fed up. 

However, there are some words, those that when you hear them, you have a slight fit… For instance the word, “cause,” used as “my cause…”

When the prime minister pronounced that word in Afyon with capital letters, somehow another word came to my mind. For example, “My Struggle,” the German original being Mein Kampf.

These sister words, these sinister synonyms give me the goose bumps.

They take me away in the subconscious floods of a war that never ends, a rage that never ceases, a revenge that never finishes…

I want to whisper to myself, “What kind of a never ending cause has this been …”

A government ruling for 12 years with iron hands after three elections, one referendum, a state in which all of the castles have been conquered… Is there any other spot left to be seized, any position to be destroyed or any door to be broken?

I never liked this word. I did not like it when I saw it on the cover of late Erbakan’s book, entitled: “My Cause, Whatever I Did, It was for God’s Sake.”

When a politician starts saying that he is doing what he is doing for the name of God, then holy missions of the medieval inquisitions come to my mind.

It is a dangerous word: “cause…”

When a powerful politician adds “my” to this word and starts saying “my cause” then alarm bells start ringing for that country.

In the 20th century, those who set out with divine sentiments such as “My Cause, My Struggle,” did not take their countries to good places…

I wish for God to also bless Turkey.

Who are the real owners of this country?

I was also caught in this phrase of the prime minister’s Afyon speech: “The real owners of this country…”

Obviously he refers to those who have voted for the AKP with this expression…
This is also dangerous.

A person who assumes he/she is living in a democratic country would automatically ask when they hear this: “Well, what about the 57 percent outside the 43 percent? Are they the counterfeit owners of this country?” 

The mentality that rejects those that do not believe in your cause is not something democracy would accept. A person who is especially walking toward presidency should not say such things…

Treason, witch hunt, sterilize

The prime minister has fallen in love with the word “witch hunt.”

I guess there is no second politician in the entire democratic world who loves this expression as him; because “witch hunt” has only one meaning in the world democracy and law dictionary: “The killing of people by trampling on the law with personal sentiments and with personal beliefs in causes…”

Prime Minister Erdoğan is now preparing to fight what he calls “the parallel structure,” which has not yet been clearly defined, and he is declaring to the whole world that if need be, he would carry out this fight with the unlawfulness that may be depicted as a witch hunt…

You may regard this expression that has been uttered in a political party platform as the heat of the rhetoric and you may choose to overlook, but history will not.

And also “treason…”

When you declare certain people traitors, coming totally out of your own head, then if you talk about sterilizing them, then you arrive at the border where law ends.

Sterilization is a very dangerous concept.  

Oh, be careful…

These things were what military dictatorships, Hitler and Stalin loved the most…

Becoming a replica of these personalities would not bring happiness either to politicians or to countries…