What does ‘Internet of Beer’ mean?

What does ‘Internet of Beer’ mean?

In the last couple of years, thanks to machine-to-machine information technologies, we have begun to hear about very interesting new phenomena. The latest one I have heard about is “Internet of Beer.” When I first heard about it, I thought, that’s it, everything has been invented, we as mankind can invent nothing else, we have hit our technological nirvana. As you will learn, I am not far from reality.

The founder of Pubinno, Can Algül, is very proud of his company and he has every right to be so. They are one of the first companies who have utilized IoT to make the world a little better, one pint at a time. The company produces clever beer dispensers, that can keep a track of many important things about the beer served. He also underlines that the quality of each serving of beer is as good as it can get with Pubinno.

Through Pubinno’s dashboard, the owner of the pub, can see how many liters he sold, how cold the beer was, with what efficiency he managed to sell the beer, how many 30 cl glasses were sold, how many 50 cl glasses were sold, when each glass was sold, etc. The owner can also keep track of how many liters are left at the bottom of the keg so that he/she can change the keg at the best time possible, without disturbing sales. Algül says the pub owners can sell at least 20 percent more after they use their product. Their engineering base is in Istanbul. However, Algül travels in between Silicon Valley and Istanbul as they have managed to get investments from both Turkey and Silicon Valley. 

Algül says they are the first company that have coined the term “Internet of Beer,” but they have a few competitors already. He is not very afraid of the competition as the market for clever beer dispensing is a few billions of dollars. There are currently 25 million such taps. He says they will be the first unicorn startup company from Turkey. They are funded by Keiretsu Forum, Alchemist Accelerator and individuals like Fırat İşbecer. They are already serving in several countries and are looking to expand their base globally.

There are so many taps to cover and I wish them all the luck. If they can make it, they would be the first unicorn startup based on a product that perfects beer serving.