Education is a must

Education is a must

Turkey might have serious problems, some of which are very complicated. However, there is one thing we certainly know: Education is the solution to all problems on all levels. 

We need to raise well-educated, qualified, questioning and forward-thinking children. Let me put it more clearly. We want youth to pursue their dreams instead of accepting the standard. 

We need outstanding and well-equipped schools in order to achieve this, to expand our youth’s horizon. However, physical conditions can only contribute to education to a certain extent. Certainly, we need outstanding teachers too, who have a broad vision and are open to learning and constantly improving themselves. That is how we can raise well-educated children and that is why we need to warmly applaud and encourage those who contribute to the improvement of education. 

Making a difference paves the way for success 

I have known Enver Yücel, chairman of the board of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions, for a long time. 

He is one of those people who loves his job and cares about it and aims to make a difference. 

A couple days ago, he was very excited to announce his new project, which will be a first, in the western province of İzmir. 

Bahçeşehir College will launch its new campus for the 2017-2018 academic year on a 20,000 meter square area in the Bornova district of İzmir, which includes the Science and Technology High School. However, the school will be different than traditional science high schools in the way it will raise future scientists in its laboratories. They want to raise children who can solve problems, develop projects, produce new ideas and convert these ideas into practice. We really need this kind of youth. If we cannot produce technology, we will continue to be a country who buys technology from the outside.

I always have full faith in Turkish youth and know what they can achieve when there are enough opportunities. That is why I also believe there should be more of these schools in Turkey that have a different curriculum. 

Why shouldn’t there be a ‘Harvard’ in Turkey? 

Enver Yücel has been telling the National Education Ministry about the Science and Technology High Schools for a while. 

The ministry has become convinced of the benefit of these schools for the education landscape in Turkey.

In fact, national education must become different. Turkey is a dynamic country with youth, which constitutes one of its biggest strengths, and has a potential to attract foreign students with its educational institutions. The United States is successful at this, as thousands of young people go there to study every year. Enver Yücel asked, “Why doesn’t Turkey have its own Harvard?” 

Indeed, Turkey can have such universities too, and it must.

Thanks to those who support education 

I believe we have witnessed an important step at this point. Mehmet Gökdemir, chairman on the board of Gökdemir İnşaat, announced he will provide a scholarship worth 250,000 Turkish Liras for those who will study on the campus, which means 1,250,000 liras in five years. 

“We do not know how the future will be shaped, but we want youth who can shape the future. Even one single student from this high school who comes to the forefront and changes the world is an important win,” explained Gökdemir as his motivation in providing this support. 

Private schools also need support. For example, only 10 percent of Harvard University’s income comes from its students. The rest comes from donations.

Whether they are educated in public schools or private schools, it can be certain that there will be well-rounded youth in the future.

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