‘See how they forge the lie against Allah’

‘See how they forge the lie against Allah’

“I and my government congratulate our police wholeheartedly. On behalf of my country and nation, I would like to thank all my police siblings for standing up against incidents that have been going on for weeks, with sacrifice and patriotism.” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

(See Turkish police patriotism in video footage showing 17 policemen beating three youths in Antalya.)

“Like I expressed before, our police have passed a very important, a very challenging democracy test with success.” Prime Minister Erdoğan.

(See Turkish democracy test in endless visual material in YouTube.)

“They [the protesters] have been so cruel to our police. Attacking our police so much constitutes high treason.” Prime Minster Erdoğan.

(See high treason in video showing three policemen beating one girl in Izmir.)

“They [the protesters] drank alcohol in our mosques. They were so disrespectful that they entered our mosques with their shoes. They turned our mosques into rubbish dumps.” Prime Minister Erdoğan.

(Alcohol party at the mosque: See footage for brutally wounded protesters receiving first aid at Dolmabahce Mosque. See also the imam’s testimony for what actually happened at the mosque.)

“Ethem Sarısülük [a protester] was killed by other protesters.” Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek.

“I acted in self defense. The protesters had taken away my helmet and baton.” Policeman Ahmet Sahbaz in his court testimony over the killing of Sarısülük.

(Protester disguised as policeman: See video footage showing Sahbaz first shooting in the air then at Sarisuluk - with his helmet and baton not taken away.)

“These [protesters] have no respect for religion.” Prime Minister Erdoğan.

(See video footage of protesters protecting Muslim prayers during Taksim protests.)

“A hotel hosted protesters. Abetting terrorists is a crime.” Prime Minister Erdogan.

(See how wounded protesters seek refuge in the Divan Hotel and how police fire tear gas inside the hotel lobby.)

“In Turkey today there is freedom like never been before ... [But the protesters] took away the freedom of people at Taksim.” Prime Minister Erdoğan. (See footage showing how policemen search the belongings of the “Standing Man” and detain the silent protester.)

“Twitter is the source of the worst lies.” Prime Minister Erdogan.

“These people [European parliamentarians] don’t know what honesty is.” Prime Minister Erdoğan.

I shall speak to Mr. Erdoğan in the language he should best understand:

“And certainly We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will certainly know the liars.” The Quran 29:3

“They incline their ears, and most of them are liars.” The Quran 26:223

“Only they forge the lie who do not believe in Allah’s communications, and these are the liars.” The Quran 16:105

“See how they forge the lie against Allah, and this is sufficient as a manifest sin.” The Quran 4:50

“A sickness exists in their hearts to which God adds more sickness. Besides this, they will suffer a painful punishment as a result of the lie which they speak.” The Quran 2:10.