Find the correct answer (but no trophy promised)

Find the correct answer (but no trophy promised)

Not even a single word in this narrative is mine – they are mere clippings from the international press.

“The rebels have killed scores of soldiers, according to international rights observers. The government accuses the rebels of being ruthless terrorists with substantial logistical support, including from western and neighboring countries.” 

“The rebels claim they are fighting to defend innocent citizens. They claim they are fighting to end the decades-long oppression of a nation.” 

“In a crackdown in response to increasing attacks by the rebels, the government has arrested thousands of dissidents some of whom claim they were badly treated and tortured. The arrests were made on the grounds of abetting terrorists. The rebels say the arrests constitute a violent breach of human rights while the government maintains that the arrests are the work of independent judiciary.”

“As the bloodshed continues the international community has condemned in chorus that the loss of life and resulting human tragedies in the country are unacceptable.” 

“In one occasion the government came under fire for ordering the country’s air force to bomb innocent civilians. The government denies any such order.”

“The government repeatedly claims that the terrorists systematically receive weaponry from hostile governments in the region and from western countries which aim to destabilize the country. Rebels do not deny they seek safe havens and arms supplies from neighboring countries, but say that this is for humanitarian reasons. In similar rhetoric, the supportive governments say they support the rebels for humanitarian reasons.”

“The government cites thousands of killings by the rebels, including security officials and civilians. The rebels admit they have ‘an army’ and a ‘political wing,’ but refute claims that they target civilians.” 

“The government firmly asserts that the rebels must respect law and order while the rebels reject the legitimacy of the government. The rebels say they had lived enough under oppression in lands that belong to them for thousands of years. Hence, their demands for constitutional reforms including articles that would grant them the political rights they push for. They say they no longer will bow to tyranny.”

“In one occasion, the rebels accused the government of using chemical gas against armed insurgents, a claim covered widely in the international press but vehemently denied by the government.”

“The rebels often plead to the international community for an end to bloodshed and massacres inflicted by the security forces upon their fellow comrades. All that happens, they say, under an undemocratic regime and an undemocratic constitution.” 

“Now the rebels pledge to spread violence to bigger cities of the country from their regional strongholds.”

“One international observer observed that ‘human dignity cannot be denied.’ Another observer pessimistically observed at the weekend that: ‘... Too much blood has been spilt and too much hatred sown... Trenches are being dug. Sides are being chosen. Prices will be paid. Human lives will be wasted. A new balance of terror will be established, with threatening divides carved deeper, paving a way for regional warfare.’

“Reporters Without Borders has put the country at the bottom slice of its list of press freedom index. The country now ranks lower than Congo, Swaziland, Gambia, Uganda, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

(End of press narrative)

This is the sad story, in retrospect and in a present-day wrap-up. Since no names were mentioned, the reader has the liberty to select from the following choices as to which narrative this best fits:

a) The country in question is Syria, and the rebels are the Free Syrian Army.

b) The country in question is Turkey, and the rebels are the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

c) Both (a) and (b)