Grisly murder scenes in schoolbook for Turkish children

Grisly murder scenes in schoolbook for Turkish children

The book, which is aimed at second- and third-grade students, goes by the name of “Laughing Roses” (Kahkaha Gülleri).

Its cover has an image of a cartoon character and it is clearly a children’s book.

But as soon as you read the content, you get the shivers thinking about what kind of horrible imagination dwells within. What macabre scenes have they imposed on our children’s pure and clean minds?

Let’s look at what it says: The father killed his son. He has placed his son’s head between two sticks and brought it home. He showed the head to his wife. The wife said nothing. The next morning, she put her son’s head in the caldron and lit a fire beneath it.

At noon, when the girl arrived home, she said to her stepmother: “Prepare the food, I will eat and go to school.”

“The caldron is in the kitchen, take your plate and go. You can help yourself,” replied the stepmother.

The girl stood by the caldron and as soon as she lifted the caldron lid, she got scared and ran away. She had recognized her brother’s head.

She headed to school crying. As soon as she arrived at school, she told her teacher everything. “In this world, stepmothers often do these kinds of things. Leave it and do not worry. The smoke of this fire will blind his eyes. But you must be very careful. Now listen. Do not eat your brother’s fresh. Collect his bones and bury them beneath a rose bush. Water the bush and stay beside him. Say the ‘prayer to infinity’ every night for forty nights. Don’t worry about the rest,” said her teacher.

The girl listened to her teacher and then went home and collected her brother’s bones. She buried them under a rose tree.

What kind of story is this? What kind of life lessons do the children learn from it?

1. The father kills his son.
2. He cuts off his head.
3. The step mother puts the head in a caldron and cooks it.
4. She gives the girl her brother’s flesh as food.

This is a killing spree, buried within a story in a children’s schoolbook.

Many senior officials in Turkey are fond of delivering sermons on the importance of building a family, but look at the kind of family examples they are presenting in schoolbooks!

It is like they trying to raise people for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

Are these schoolbooks even inspected by the authorities?

Who is writing this nonsense for our children?

Is motherhood in a women’s ‘nature’?

Turkish singer Nil Karaibrahimgil recently prepared a calendar for 2018. When you buy the calendar, you make a donation to the “Daughters of Nil – Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV) scholarship fund.”

I received emails on two points regarding this issue.

Some people are bothered by the “Daughters of Nil” expression, questioning why she has to be involved as an “owner,” even if the project has good intentions. Women do not want to be “someone’s wife,” they want to be free and independent.

Others have taken offence at the “today’s girls, tomorrow’s mothers” statement written in the calendar. I understand both Nil and those who have taken offence.

Motherhood may not be the goal of every woman. There are many women who are not born to be mothers. The pressure to become a mother in Turkish society must be very difficult for some of them to bear.

I believe the main issue here is fear. We are all ultra-sensitive. But I believe in women’s solidarity so I want to offer my congratulations to her for her well-intentioned project.

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