Everybody is guilty

Everybody is guilty

The judge who reduces the sentence because of good conduct is guilty. Bülent Arınç, deputy prime minister, who said “Women should be chaste; she should not laugh loudly in public,” is guilty. Tuğrul İnançer, who said pregnant women should not go out on the street, is guilty. The father who kills his daughter for “honor” is guilty.

The mother who tolerated every fault of her son and patted him on the back is guilty. Those who have fought against gender equality are guilty. The conservative mentality that says men should keep women under control is guilty.

Those who said “girls and boys are sitting together” are guilty. Those who are against co-ed education are guilty. Those who said, “Girls and men are sitting on the benches together” are guilty. Those who separate the staircases for boys and girls are guilty.

The mother who said, “My son is a man, of course he would do it,” is guilty.

Seda Sayan is guilty because she invited the freed murderer of two of his wives to her program. The mentality that wishes to exclude women from all social fields except for motherhood is guilty. Those who say, “This is what happens if you wear such tight pants,” are guilty.

Those who say, “What was she doing in the dark at this hour” are guilty. Those who say, “This is the result of Western life style secularism” are guilty. Those who say things like “She should not have worn a mini-skirt” are guilty.

Those who say “abortion is murder; birth control is treason” are guilty. Those who say that it is fine to marry a 9-year-old girl are guilty.

The Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) that has not issued any fatwas against all of these discourses is guilty. Those who are aroused from seeing their mother’s kneecaps are guilty.

All of them are entirely guilty for the increase of murders of women and the violence against women; because it is this viewpoint, this mentality and this ideology that gave the courage to that despicable minibus driver to think, “Nothing will happen to me, I will get away with this.”

Yes, the stance toward women has always been crippled in this country, but such huge pains had not been experienced at such a frequency before.

If the mentalities of the country are to change, they will change because of women. If this government will be toppled, it will be toppled because of women. I now believe in this very much and pray for this.
How many more of potential killers?

It makes one go mad. What kind of cruelty is this? Would you listen to this murderer? He first attempted to rape her, then stabbed her because “She resisted, sprayed me and scratched my face.”

Because she did not die, he hit her head with a tire iron, hit her again and killed her. Then he cut her hands off so that DNA in her fingernails would not be found. As if that was not enough, he then torched her body. 

And this man walks among us as a “human.” I wonder how many more of these potential killers we have. The father who helped him, what kind of a father is he?

When they do not receive the highest possible penalty, you are actually encouraging them. 

They feel like they are heartened for murder, for rape, for violence because they get away with light punishments. They see it as “at what opportunity, at which dark spot, which women can we rape?”