Desperately seeking G-point AYLİN ÖNEY TAN

Desperately seeking G-point

Here the “G” letter stands for gastronomy. It springs up as the magical word everybody resorts to, calling for the much-expected climax of tourism Turkey desires. After the pandemic, tourism in Turkey is trying to get back on track. Turkish resorts seem to be well off in hygiene standards and are taking serious precautions, all measures are seriously monitored in resort hotels. At least that was my observation on my recent visit to Antalya on the occasion of the recent FSUMMIT – Differentiation in Hospitality. Organized by Gökmen Sözen, the foremost organizer of big international gastronomic events, the aim of the summit was to bring together all actors of the hospitality sector together, with a focus on food and gastronomy. The event included panelists from all fields of the sector, ranging from top chefs of the fine dining scene, to the unsung heroes of big hotels, the F&B directors, chefs operating several venues and events in a single hotel, operating 24 hours seven days nonstop. Tourism investors and hotel owners and managers with their PR managers were also there, all discussing how Turkish cuisine can be promoted and elevated on various levels. The range of attendees were impressive, from the smallest boutique hotels and chef’s restaurants to the biggest properties and five-star hotels. The common point of all discussions was gastronomy, every single speaker bringing another angle to put Turkey as a top gastronomy destination on the map. Needless to say, Antalya establishments were in majority, not only because the venue of the summit was there, but Antalya and its environs host the majority of tourism in Turkey.

June 27 2021