Beware the wrath of the ‘TR Diplomacy’ Twitter account

Beware the wrath of the ‘TR Diplomacy’ Twitter account

There is a Twitter account called “TR Diplomacy.” It looks like it is the work of the Turkish Prime Ministry’s Office of Public Diplomacy. I am following them; they are actually doing a good job. 

For instance, they have discovered that the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) opened an office in the Netherlands. It wrote “the Netherlands is a haven for terrorists.” 

Well, I don’t want to be a killjoy but I will tell you that one of these offices is also present in the center of Moscow. But just as we are about to buy S-400 defense missiles, if our “TR Diplomacy” covers Russia too, then the sale will fail, I am afraid, and we would be left out in the cold. This “TR Diplomacy” is a steel-tongued fighter. It knocks out any country that we get angry with. It immediately displays how that country aids and abets terror. When their latest target was the Netherlands, they pulled out old records and slapped them in the face with all their past crimes. 

Before them, they had noticed that Germany had also become a terror nest; they would not miss that kind of a piece of information. When outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) extensions erected a tent, flew flags and had PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan’s face printed on pieces of cloth, Belgium was also their target. They focused on Belgium’s tolerance for terror propaganda and actually supporting terror by allowing them.  With the issue of terror, European democracy has actually abandoned us, stabbed us in the back, and all of us have been angry at them at one point. Fake friendships, we thought, enemies of Islam and Turkey, we also thought among other things.

Well, they deserved it. They even deserved worse, I would say. I mean, we could have said more.
Well, here goes Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu again. He has voiced everything. 

He asked, “If the things that happened in the Netherlands were to have occurred in Russia, the whole world would have protested, wouldn’t they?” Nobody else could have made such a sharp observation than pointing out this bitter truth than him. If it had happened in Russia, the “TR Diplomacy” would have surely responded to them accordingly and would have absolutely traced down the PYD office in Moscow. When President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mentioned it in their meeting, Putin had no knowledge of it and said he was hearing it for the first time. He said he would deal with it. I am so sure the “TR Diplomacy” would go after this indifference mercilessly. 

Well, actually, they would have also woken up to why Moscow still hasn’t regarded the PKK as “terrorists.” 
Moreover, they would have noted the cheekiness and shiftiness of Russian soldiers posing in Syria’s Manbij with PYD emblems on their armbands. While our souls are hurting here, this act of “not caring” would be called to account, certainly. I am sure the “TR Diplomacy” would have fired, “Down with such a friendship, down with your S-400 missiles. The patriot batteries that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte sends us are enough for us when we are in need; we are not alone and unguarded against the missile threats of Bashar al-Assad. The solidarity of our NATO allies is good enough for us.” 

Moreover, the “TR Diplomacy” would cite Germany as an example, “Look how Germany is banning those PKK and PYD symbols and their coats of arms. Look and learn. Shame on you. You say you fight terror but you have become its safe haven. Where is your sincerity?” They would surely give lessons on principle and having a backbone to them. Russia should be thankful to the Netherlands because it keeps “TR Diplomacy” busy for the moment. But it will take only seconds for it to notice the game of Russia. Well, when the time comes, you will be able to watch the performance.