Why is it so difficult to say Coca-Cola?

Why is it so difficult to say Coca-Cola?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has launched the opening of a Coca-Cola factory in the western province of Isparta. 

But “Coca-Cola” was insistently and sedulously not given a place in any official statement from the presidency, media or the social media accounts of the government. 

Instead, “Fruit Juice” was brought to the fore. 

But why is that? 

It is because Coca-Cola is not a brand very well received by the party alignments? 

We are talking about a brand which has been smeared for years as “Jewish capital” and an “ally of Israel.” 

Let’s remember pouring Coca-Cola onto the streets as a form of protest against the slightest crisis with Israel. 

But Coca-Cola is a company that is 100 percent open to public. 

The share of its biggest shareholder is 5 percent. 

It’s investors in Turkey are well-known businessmen. The leading figure in Coca-Cola is a Turkish man. 

And the most important information is that Coca-Cola, which is often referred to as “Jewish capital” and “an ally of Israel,” has four factories in the Muslim and aggrieved Palestine. 

There is a giant Coca-Cola bottle in front of the factory in Ramallah. 

The thing I do not understand in this issue is this: If Erdoğan has the power to convert and transform the party alignments, why does he not use his power in the Coca-Cola subject? 

Why does he not say, “Coca-Cola is not something that bad” instead of avoiding the subject?

Look at the message HDP releases after the death of Eren

The killing of a 15-year-old boy by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Black Sea province of Trabzon on Aug. 11 has been condemned across Turkish society and political parties. 

Eren Bülbül was targeted by PKK militants in Trabzon’s Maçka district after he informed the security forces about an act by the PKK that he witnessed.

Without saying a single word at the PKK’s heinous slaughter of a child, without mentioning the PKK’s viciousness, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) only drew attention to why a “15-year-old boy was being dragged into an armed conflict.”

You can only speak about negligence when you accept the PKK’s responsibility and Eren’s bravery. 
Otherwise theirs’ is nothing but an effort to justify the PKK.

Eren’s family not staying silent because the HDP is speaking

Eren’s family is asking where the local authority and the village head were. 

Is he not the administrative chief of the town?

Why is the local authority not being called in if the town’s security was going to be investigated? 

Why are they calling in our young son, instead of the local authority?

The HDP only wants to protect the PKK when it talks.

But this family has their son in mind when they talk.

Are you aware of the danger? 

Many people do not get impressed by the “This is not the real Islam” or “Freedom for the headscarf” sayings anymore.

Not many use the words “Islam” and “democracy” next to each other.

They no longer want to bring up the subject about giving freedom to religious people, nor do they hide their irritation at subjects about religion. 

People cannot find peace in the “Peace is in Islam” saying. 

The green turban-wearing grand hodjas, are you aware of the danger?


Pro-government media have been writing about Oya Berberoğlu, the wife of Enis Berberoğlu, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Istanbul parliamentarian who is currently behind bars. They are claiming that she is calling the CHP headquarters every day to threaten party officials.

Oya Berberoğlu, however, said: “You will drown in your own lies.”

I wonder; would that really be possible?