Notes on the new cabinet, changes, arrivals and departures

Notes on the new cabinet, changes, arrivals and departures

NABİ AVCI: The most intellectual name in the cabinet. I have never understood why he was not made the Culture and Tourism Minister before, and was instead appointed to the Education Ministry. 

YALÇIN AKDOĞAN: If Akdoğan was removed because he was close to ex-Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, how did an even closer name, Lütfi Elvan, remain in the cabinet? But if his removal was not related to Davutoğlu then why did he go? There should be an explanation.

RECEP AKDAĞ: What Binali Yıldırım is in the field of transportation, Recep Akdağ is in the field of health. He was the head of one of the two fields the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government excelled at in its earliest years in power. 

ÖMER ÇELİK: Everyone knows his wish was to be appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he has become the new EU Minister. At least he is now one step closer. 

TUĞRUL TÜRKEŞ: At a time when the AK Party needs the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) the most, Türkeş has a solid post. But if MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli ends up getting closer to the AK Party, then the need may expire.

MAHİR ÜNAL: He could have made breakthroughs as culture and tourism minister, but it didn’t happen. Maybe next time. 

SEMA RAMAZANOĞLU: Although the entre AK Party supported her throughout the Ensar Foundation scandal, apparently her performance as Family and Social Policies Minister was inadequate. If this wasn’t the reason, then why did she go? 

VOLKAN BOZKIR: At a time when relations with Europe have deteriorated to their lowest ever level, it is better not to be the EU Minister than to be the EU Minister…

İSMET YILMAZ: He has been shifted from the Defense Ministry to the Education Ministry. Both of them are important national issues, right? 

BERAT ALBAYRAK: Until the last moment, he was mentioned as a possible candidate to head the economy portfolio. But instead he ended up staying at the Energy Ministry, where he is considered successful.

MEHMET ÖZHASEKİ: It was rumored that he would be blocked because he is close to Abdullah Gül. But he became the new Environment Minister, proving the rumors false. 

MEHMET ŞİMŞEK: He was one of the most confidence-generating names of the old cabinet, and some expected him to be removed. But he stayed.  

FATMA BETÜL SAYAN KAYA: Let’s hope she will not be like Sema Ramazanoğlu. Let’s hope she prioritizes children’s wellbeing, not the wellbeing of the Ensar Foundation. Let’s hope she improves the perception of the “headscarf-wearing cabinet minister.”

AHMET ARSLAN: I don’t know him but he was a bureaucrat close to new PM Yıldırım, who has now made him his replacement as Transport Minister.

FİKRİ IŞIK: He had been the Science Minister and got a reputation for boasting too much. Now he is the Defense Minister and he will be free to boast in his new post.

LÜTFİ ELVAN: He was the Deputy Prime Minister and is now the Minister of Development. As such, a name close to Davutoğlu has been kept in the government.

MEVLÜT ÇAVUŞOĞLU: He must have possessed the qualities that the “new era” seeks in a Foreign Minister, so he was able to keep his post. 

NACİ AĞBAL: He was quiet and he was rewarded for his low profile. He kept his post as Finance Minister and I’m sure he will continue to be quiet and low-profile. 

VEYSEL EROĞLU: He is one of the “doers” like Yıldırım. A cabinet presented to the public as a cabinet of “doers” could not be without him, so he kept his post as Forestry and Water Affairs Minister.

NUMAN KURTULMUŞ: He has been removed from the decision-making organ of the party but remained in the cabinet. Will his position as government spokesperson continue? I don’t think so.

EFKAN ALA: It seems that he is about to gain the title of the “unchangeable Interior Minister.” Just like Bekir Bozdağ as Justice Minister.