Let us try to understand also this rage

Let us try to understand also this rage

Torching vehicles, killing people, vandalizing, blocking roads, attacking the flag and Atatürk busts; we can never excuse or legitimize these.

But if we are saying, “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIL] is a movement of rage,” if we are approaching a beheading, women-selling, Turkmen-hanging, Shiite-killing, tomb-bombing barbaric organization with an effort to understand them, then we should be trying to understand this rage that has also emerged.

Just think, when a savage gang made up of members from all around the world is attacking your relatives who live so close to you that your voice could be heard from their town; when your relatives have been trying to defend themselves empty handed for 20 days, when the entire world is quiet against this obvious injustice…

When the highest rank of this state, which declares they are inseparable from you, does not do anything against this incident other than saying “It is about to fall"; if not even one thousandth of the effort exerted on toppling the murderer Bashar al-Assad is not exerted to stop the murderer ISIL…

Would you not be enraged? Would you not be out of your mind? Would not a dirty feeling of agitation conquer your being?

Let me repeat once again: We should fervently object to the rage turning into torching, vandalism, killing, burning of flags and blocking of roads. In the name of humanity, we should condemn all who do these acts. But, let us try to understand the source and reasons for this rage.

At least let us try to understand as much as we try to understand the reasons for the rage of the barbarian gang called ISIL.

Peace will be wasted

Because they did not try to understand the connection between Kobane and the peace process, the peace process will be damaged.

None of the segments of the society really fully understood that it was the peace process that had to be cared for the most. That’s why the peace process will be affected.

They were not able to understand how difficult it was to conduct a peace process with people whose relatives are being killed in the adjacent neighborhood. This will be one of the reasons contributing to the end of the peace process.

Is empathy so difficult?  

When dust is flying all around; when everywhere is being looted, when rage has arrived, throwing logic out of the window; what do our officials do?

You know what they are doing? They are doing the same as officials did in the ‘90s. In other words, they are scaring, challenging and showing their own strength. In other words, they are swimming in the whirlpool of insensitivity.

They are saying, “We will retaliate in kind” and not saying anything more.

There is not even one soothing statement; not even a single approach that contains a tone of compassion; not one effort to understand, not even a portion of empathy.

Well, as you were always going to turn into former Prime Minister Tansu Çiller of the 1990s when you saw tough times ahead, why did you put on airs all this time that you were "different"?

As you were going to drift into the language and the approach of the 1990s when things got a bit tough, then why were you on at us for days chanting, “New Turkey, New Turkey"?