CHP and MHP have become pro-cemaat

CHP and MHP have become pro-cemaat

If you were to look from the perspective of Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdoğan, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and National Movement Party (MHP) are taking the side of the (Fetullah Gülen) Cemaat. Why? Because…

- They do not say “Cemaat has taken the judiciary under control.”

- They do not say “Cemaat has set up a plot.”

- They do not say “Cemaat listened to telephone conversations.”

- They do not say “There is Cemaat behind all this.”

- They do not say “Dec. 17 is a coup by Cemaat.”

What then do they say instead?

-They keep shouting “thief, thief.”

-They keep talking about voice recordings.

-They do not say a word to the Cemaat.

-They do not see the danger of the Cemaat.

Let’s think for a moment, just for a moment…

That Tayyip Erdoğan was not in government but in the opposition.

What would he have done about developments on Dec. 17?

Would he support the government and say “The only danger today is Cemaat. We all need to support the government otherwise civil politics will be endangered?” Or would he say…

-You let the cemaat penetrate the state, now you are crying

-Was it me that governed the country together with Cemaat?

-You will confide the security department, the justice system to the Cemaat. You would forge a union of interest, make them a coalition partner and when there is a conflict erupting, you would shout “Let’s lynch the Cemaat.”

These would have been the words of Erdoğan. He should thank God, since neither CHP members nor MHP members have the talent of getting their act together and make these statements.

Not in the stadium but in the mosque

Deputy head of AK Party Numan Kurtulmuş speaks to the microphone in the mosque. Not in the mosque’s yard or at the exit of the mosque.

Right in the middle of the mosque, next to the imam. He does not chew his words.
He talks about corruption and bribery claims. He says “all these days will be left behind hopefully.”
The moment there is politics in the stadiums…

You punish it. The moment there is politics in the mosque… You turn a blind eye to it.

The watch is expensive, hate crime is cheap

Facing corruption claims, former minister Zafer Çağlayan roared, saying: “I could have understood if those who had done this to us were atheist, or Jewish or Zoroaster…”

If a politician in a country which is not Muslim was facing corruption claims…

And if those who wanted to defend him said “If he was a Muslim I would have said he might have done it but our minister is a Christian…”

That would have been a hate crime. And our pious guys would have organized a symposium to expose it as “This is hate crime... this is Islamophobia.”

When the subject of a hate crime is an Alevite, a Jew, an Armenian or an atheist, instead of Muslim, our pious guys don’t bother.

In this case, does it matter whether you keep having democracy packages from the Parliament or you keep rewriting hate crime in each new package?