Are you defending this outdated system, opposition?

Are you defending this outdated system, opposition?

We understand that you are against the presidential system; I got that (by the way, I am talking to the opposition). 

You will not agree to make him the all-executive president; we understand that also. 

You will never amend the parliamentarian regime; we also get that. 

Now, you will not let the one-man ambitions come true; that we also understand.

Well, good, but except for being against, not agreeing to, not letting and not allowing it to come true, don’t you have even one word to say about the future, dear opposition?  

This current system of ours, which has become an unidentified thing, like a patchwork, a strange and distorted system, we understand that you will not change it as the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) wants to change it. But why don’t you even lift a finger to change it the way you want it to be? 

So, is it not possible to prevent the ambitions of the AK Party for one-man rule and, at the same time, construct a more democratic, appropriate and hopeful system? 

So, is it not possible to oppose the changing of the entire system from top to bottom just because of the ambitions of one person and at the same time defend the changing of the system into a more democratic one for the sake of the future and the hopes of an entire society? 

So, is it not possible to fiercely oppose the creation of a fait accompli and a de facto situation and at the same time try to replace the current system with a brand new, more democratic, more liberal system? 

Instead of what you will not allow, what you will not let happen, shouldn’t you also, a bit, say what you will do and what you will make happen? 

Help, ancient scholars, come and save us from Celal Şengör 

In old times, scholars were not experts in only one field. A scholar could be very competent both in astronomy and science, but also religion, literature, mathematics and philosophy.

Today’s world is not like that anymore. Somebody who may be a world-wide known mathematician could stare at you unknowingly when you mention “Dostoyevsky.” 

A globally competitive political scientist can have no other option but to keep silent when physics is in question…

A genius in history may find him or herself at the level of a middle school student on a topic in sociology. 

However, a scientist who is respected by the whole world, all of a sudden, can feel like he is as good in every field worldwide as he is in his own field. 

He makes the mistake of assuming his brilliance in one field can be applied to or can be valid in all other fields. And also, the guy may have an ambition. 

That ambition, that vicious, damned ambition; everything adds up to that… 

Now, here is the situation of Prof. Celal Şengör. 

Counting on the self-esteem provided by his genius in the field of geology, he is speaking freely on a subject he has no idea about, one he has no grasp of. 

And what comes out is a disturbing and at some points disgusting “ignorance,” from the beginning to the end… 

Hey, ancient scholars, Al-Biruni, Al-Farabi, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi and Avicenna; where are you?
Our blond, blue-eyed geniuses, where are you? Look, we are confined to the likes of Celal Şengör… Come again, come once more from Samsun, and save us…