A formula without Abdullah Gül

A formula without Abdullah Gül

There are two formulas:

First formula: Abdullah Gül is a presidential candidate…Tayyip Erdoğan continues as prime minister…

Second formula: Erdoğan is a presidential candidate… Gül is prime minister…

There are no formulas other than these two.

Wait a minute; these two formulas were valid before the elections.

There is now a formula other than these two, following the elections; and this formula could work too.

Third formula: Tayyip Erdoğan is the presidential candidate… An individual chosen by Erdoğan other than Gül is prime minister…

This third formula is not to be underestimated.

With coming out victorious from election results: with this self-confidence, Erdoğan might not opt for Gül for the prime ministry. In addition, there is this technical alibi at hand, because Gül cannot be a member of Parliament, he cannot be prime minister right after the presidential elections

I am guessing that Erdoğan started to think in this manner after his electoral victory: “I get the votes, I convince the people; all the support is to me …Why should I be dependent on Gül?”

Time will show whether I am right or wrong.

And that will not be too long.


Melih Gökçek vs Kadir Topbaş

Ankara’s AKP mayor Melih Gökçek should be thinking about the following questions:

- Why Kadir Topbaş in Istanbul won the elections without question, while I came neck and neck in Ankara?

-Why I became an object of hate while the same is not valid for Topbaş.

-Why people do not say, “If there is Topbaş there is definitely fraud,” but say “If there is Gökçek, there is definitely something fishy.”

-Why so many people allied against me, whereas there was not such an alliance against Topbaş?

- Why no Justice and Development Party (AKP) member said “We wish Kadir topbaş lost,” while some AKP members say “We wish Gökçek lost?”

The controversy in Ağrı

The spokesperson of the AKP Hüseyin Çelik said this about Ağrı:

 “It is not correct that votes have been counted 14 times in Ağrı. This is a lie spread by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). There is fraud that we have discovered. With the offer from both the AKP and the BDP, the provincial election board decided to cancel the elections and to repeat them on June 1.”

This is what Sırrı Sakık, the BDP’s candidate for Ağrı said:

“Votes in 24 ballot boxes were counted again. We were leading with 23 votes. But we found out about fraud. The mood is very tense in Ağrı. I have witnessed this tension. Neither the mayor, nor the votes, nothing is more sacred than a single drop of blood. We applied for the cancellation both because of fraud and also this tension. The elections will be held again on June 1.”