General consensus achieved in Ukrainian grain export issue: Defense minister

General consensus achieved in Ukrainian grain export issue: Defense minister

General consensus achieved in Ukrainian grain export issue: Defense minister

There is a general consensus among relevant parties for establishing an operation center in Istanbul and opening a corridor that will enable Ukrainian grain to reach global markets, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on June 23.

“We see that concrete steps can be taken,” he told reporters.

A general consensus on the establishment of an operation center in Istanbul and the safe and uninterrupted management of this activity together with the Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian soldiers and the U.N. has been achieved, the minister said.

Citing the talks with Russia, Akar said Turkish and Russian officials have made significant progress on the safe delivery of the grain in the Ukrainian ports.

“As a gesture, our delegation was informed that a ship, which was in the port at that time, would be released. We will also have contacts with Ukraine. We consider that there may be positive developments and concrete steps can be taken in the coming days,” the minister said.

Türkiye has assumed the role of facilitator, he said, adding, “Türkiye is currently doing its part in this regard. The parties have a serious trust in our country. We are trying to use this trust in the most sensitive way without any stain, and the parties are aware of this.”

Elaborating on his meeting with British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on June 23, Akar said they had positive and useful constructive talks and exchanged views on bilateral relations and regional issues.

“We were pleased to observe that there was a consensus on many issues. There is also work that we do together in the field of the defense industry. We agreed that this work should be accelerated and developed further,” he stated.

Türkiye and the U.K. have cooperation in military exercises, and they discussed the ways to go further in these activities more efficiently, Akar said.

They also discussed the Ukrainian crisis and the need for a ceasefire as soon as possible, and organization of humanitarian assistance in case of a ceasefire, compensation for the damage and restructuring of the country.

Türkiye once more emphasized its determination in the fight against terrorism and conveyed that the country’s activities against terror have intensified and that Ankara will continue to fight “until the last terrorist is neutralized,” he said.

“We expressed our sensitivity by emphasizing this in the context of Sweden and Finland. We have clearly and unequivocally demonstrated that this is important and what our expectations are in this regard,” the minister stated.

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