Fruit juice sector eyes $1 bln exports

Fruit juice sector eyes $1 bln exports

Fruit juice sector eyes $1 bln exports

Türkiye’s fruit juice producers have voiced optimism that the industry is well positioned to almost double its export revenues to $1 billion, according to people from the sector.

“More than 45 factories operate in the local fruit juice sector across the country. Exports exhibited an increase of 13 percent on an annual basis in the first eight months of 2022. The sector continues to grow,” said Ozan Diren, board chair of the Turkish Fruit Juice Industry Association (MEYED), speaking at the 11th edition of the Juiceful Istanbul Summit.

The industry, which expands 25 percent each year, exports products to more than 200 destinations, he added.

“With right agricultural policies in place, we are confident that revenues from fruit juice exports could easily climb to $1 billion,” Diren said.

Inputs used in the production of fruit juice, packaging, technologies and R&D are all domestically produced and developed in Türkiye, he added.

Per capita fruit juice consumption is around the world average, which is 11 liters, according to Diren.

“The sector’s exports will probably exceed $450 million this year. We aim to increase the export revenues to $1 billion,” said İlkey Güney, member of MEYED board and CEO of Limkon Gıda.