Frida to come to life in ballet

Frida to come to life in ballet

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Frida to come to life in ballet Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s dramatic life has been revived in a modern dance show entitled “Frida.” 

The world premiere of the show will be made on April 16 by the Ankara State Opera Ballet’s Modern dance Group (MDT) at the Opera Stage in Ankara. 

Özgür Adam İnanç, the director and choreographer of the show, said Kahlo as one of the most important Mexican artists and her life had inspired many people. 

Pointing out the importance of telling her story in the most accurate way, İnanç said his group had done much research before preparing the show. 

“The audience will see the loves and struggles of a woman who continued despite the angel of death behind her. We did not tell Frida as a woman constantly in pain but a woman who did not detach from life. Of course, we tell of her great love for Diego Rivera. Mexican ambassador and former dancer Martha Elena Federica Barcena Coqui wanted to support the project and gave us traditional dresses owned by her grandmother. She invited all Latin American countries’ ambassadors to the show. They want to go on a Latin America tour with this work. This is very important for Turkey’s promotion abroad but there is a serious need for a sponsor,” he said. 

For the two-act show, a total of 160 people worked on the techanical team and orchestra. 

In the show, Frida is played by Aslı Sümer while her lover Rivera is played by Kerem Ünal İnanç. Gül Seçkin and Funda Mete play the older Kahlo.