Donkey prices rise as demand in their milk jumps

Donkey prices rise as demand in their milk jumps

MANİSA – Doğan News Agency
Donkey prices rise as demand in their milk jumps

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A Turkish donkey milk producer in the Aegean province of Manisa has taken her search for supplies to the country’s other provinces with local donkeys now being sold for excessive prices due to its popularity. 

Türkan Eğriboyun, 44, who owns a donkey farm and produces donkey milk in the Akpınar neighborhood of Manisa’s Şehzadeler district, has been struggling to increase her production as donkeys, which used to be sold for 200 Turkish Liras each, are now sold for upwards of 1,000 liras.

“Usually a good quality donkey is sold for 200 liras among villagers but when we want to buy, they set the price at 1,000 liras. We are struggling to find good quality donkeys especially in winter. We are currently looking for donkeys in various regions of Manisa, as we started our last search in the Alaşehir district [of Manisa]. If we cannot find any, we will bring donkeys from Southeastern Anatolia as they are cheaper there,” Eğriboyun said.

Eğriboyun, who sells donkey milk throughout Turkey and abroad, said her company sells a liter of donkey milk starting at 100 liras, roughly $34. 

“Donkey milk is good for many diseases including cancer, asthma, bronchitis and even cirrhosis. It also strengthens muscles and increases blood values. The most importantly, it strengthens the immune system and renews cells. Last year we were selling a liter for 80 liras but this year we increased the price to 100 liras due to high demands and difficulty in meeting the demands. We produce 14 liters of milk each day, as we make deliveries all over Turkey via cargo,” Eğriboyun added.