Bored Romanov says Hearts worth 50 million

Bored Romanov says Hearts worth 50 million

MOSCOW - Agence France-Presse
Bored Romanov says Hearts worth 50 million

Club owner Romanov says he is not interested in watching Hearts anymore. Reuters photo

Vladimir Romanov, the Lithuanian owner of Scottish side Hearts, has said that the struggling premier league outfit is now worth only £50 million, Russian media reported yesterday.

Romanov, a businessman of Russian origin who also owns sides in Lithuania and Belarus, is looking for buyers for all his teams after becoming disillusioned with the domination of money in football.

He told Russia’s RIA-Novosti news agency that he expected to make a huge loss if he managed to sell Hearts.

“The money I have paid in is of course more. I have invested around £200 million. But if I sell it then we are looking at 25 million for the land and plus the players and the club itself is another 25 million. This is not the money that I put in.”

Romanov said that football business no longer interested him.

“Now I don’t even go and I do not know if Hearts played yesterday or how they played.”