Bazaar on historic way receiving attention

Bazaar on historic way receiving attention

IZMIR-Anatolia News Agency
Bazaar on historic way receiving attention

The Roman Way in İzmir is used as a venue for the neighboorhood’s bazaar. AA photo

A bazaar constructed during the Roman Empire, located along the Roman Way in İzmir, has received recent attention.

Associate Professor Akın Ersoy, head of the excavations in the area, said the way had indisputable importance for the city’s history.

Ersoy said they estimated that the way had been constructed in the year 1 BC and was one of the most important structures in its period.

Ersoy said even though the stones may appear ordinary, they contain traces of the past. “If we can open the way for archaeological excavations, we will have more information about the history and archaeology of İzmir.”

The way is currently used as a venue for the neighborhood’s bazaar. Ersoy said the bazaar could be set up anywhere, and therefore should be moved. “We have to make a choice between history and the bazaar.”

Meanwhile, a statement from the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality said new projects were being developed to bring in more tourism. The project proposal also addresses the historical way. “The project has been sent to the Culture and Tourism Ministry and it will start according to the reply of the ministry.”

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