Are Europeans too naïve or are we too hardened?

Are Europeans too naïve or are we too hardened?

Are Europeans too naïve or are we too hardened

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After the mass harassment scandal at Cologne central train station on New Year’s Eve, several European governments are offering asylum-seekers lessons in civilized flirting so “the men” learn to respect women.

Male refugees are advised to “be funny” and “make eye contact” with women, but they are warned “not to stare.” 

Norway has been holding such courses. Belgium is distributing brochures in refugee centers to teach newly arrived men how to treat women. The brochure states, “In Belgium, everyone can choose his or her partner, who he can meet through a friend, at a party, at work, at school, at university, at a sports club or on the Internet.” Refugees looking to flirt should “laugh, introduce themselves, start a conversation and be funny.” But never “touch.” 

I immediately felt the urge to ask the Belgium government to send their instructors over here. How many lessons does it take for such a guy to learn to respect women? Is it 10 hours, 100 hours, 1,000 hours? Maybe a lifetime is not enough. 

It is tragicomic that they think they can solve or ease the problem by running such courses. I wish we had such a magical course to civilize certain segments of ours. I wish it was that easy…

When I call these molesters animals, my readers object and say that I am insulting animals. I agree. What should I call them? These half-humans in Cologne went out of control that evening touching women, tearing down their panties, kissing, leaning against them and inserting their fingers in their vaginas…

I’m not being vulgar. This is exactly what the Cologne victims told the police. They were surrounded by men who tried to put their hands inside their tights and even insert their fingers in their vaginas. One woman told police she was surrounded by 20 men before they attacked her, while another said hands were “all over her breasts and buttocks.” Meanwhile their money and phones were stolen. All suffered attempts to introduce fingers into their vagina. All were touched on the chest and buttocks. 

The coaching courses in European sexual norms and social codes for asylum seekers are supported by many European politicians and many migrant activists. Nice.

But do you think a guy, with an average or even lower-than-average intelligence, needs a course or a brochure to know that he should not grope a woman he does not know in a city square or force his fingers into her vagina? 

Do you think a person who has escaped their country and found their way all the way to Europe cannot figure out what is wrong and what is right? Do you think they molest women, tear their clothes and steal their belongings just because they do not know any better? 

Are these Europeans too naïve or am I too hardened? 

Belgium’s migration minister, Theo Francken, said he was “revolted” by the Cologne attacks and promised to make asylum-seekers understand that men and women are equal. Oh dear sir, Dear Theo, are you so naïve?
This has nothing to do with culture, or religion, or understanding. It is pure evil. It is pure perversion.  

In my culture, the Turkish culture before it was polluted by other factors, a young guy would stay home and fight for his country. In my culture, in its purest form, no man or woman would go to another country and beg for citizenship for better economic conditions. In my culture, we work hard to earn anything. 

Meanwhile, please don’t send them back to Turkey. We have enough of them here. Yes, it’s true we know how to deal with them better than introducing a course; but really we are already suffering here. We are on the brink of losing it, desperate, as in the latest incident when a 19-year-old girl was pulled into a backyard at night and raped at knife-point, in my dearest city Istanbul, in my dearest Kadıköy district, in Bostancı…

Do you think they will stop attacking by being told “Don’t attack?”

Did you hear the Cologne imam who said it was the fault of the girls because they were half-naked and wore perfume? 

For God’s sake, be wiser, Europeans. Which religion or which culture on earth tolerates the mass harassing of women in a city square, with or without perfume? These ideas are coming from perverted minds, not from religion. 

These molesters at Cologne train station knew only too well that shoving a finger up the vagina of a screaming woman is not and cannot be accepted in any culture. Stealing money from her purse? Taking her phone? Touching her everywhere? Do you think they don’t know? 

These half-humans are probably laughing at your culture in the corridor once the government-induced orientation lesson is over. You will feel their fingers soon somewhere on your body…