Where is the respect for elections?

Where is the respect for elections?

Tens of thousands of young people volunteered to become election observers on Election Day. With a maturity that the entire world marveled, the turnout was 90 percent. The ballot box was loaded with “representative power,” more than even the most democratic countries.  

We shattered, with our votes, the remnant of the coup d’état, the reminder of an authoritarian regime, the 10 percent election threshold. 

Thus, 95 percent of the votes cast by the people were able to be represented in the parliament. The election results made it possible for any kind of a solution. Number of seats of two central parties, one conservative, the other social democrat, reached 390. 

Total number of deputies of one Islamist conservative, the other nationalist conservative, neared 350. 

But, look at what is happening. The country is almost going to war. Nobody seems to pay attention to the parliament we elected or the “national will” behind it… 

Well, dear friend, the nation is content with the parliament it has elected. That is why they are reminding you and us: Didn’t you say that the ballot box was “sacred?” Weren’t we all respecting whoever comes out of the ballot box? Wasn’t it that in new Turkey, the government would not be under one segment’s, one individual’s, one center’s rule, but at the hands and service of the nation? 

Christians have democrats, what about Muslims? 

A reasonable human being would take a look there and another look here, and ask: With almost similar election results, in Germany, the Christian democrats and social democrats are able to come together and form a government; and the country takes off…

Here, in our country, why can’t the Muslim democrats and the social democrats come together and pull this country back from the edge of the cliff? 

Could it be that the word “democracy” goes with the word “Christian” but it does not go with the word “Muslim?” 

What I thought listening to Selahattin Demirtaş 

You are free to be mad at me or not, but the speech Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş delivered to his party’s parliamentary group July 28 has shown this to everybody once more: 

If the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the mountains wants to give a message to Ankara through its murders, attacks and statements that they want to cutout Selahattin Demirtaş and the HDP, telling Ankara “You should not discuss the Kurdish issue in the parliament with the HDP, but you should come to Kandil and sit at the table with us and talk…” Well, I can tell you in advance, they are wrong, big time. 

If the “will” at the palace and its extensions at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) assume that they would erode Selahattin Demirtaş with their discourses, acts and decisions, make the HDP remain under the threshold and thus reestablish its presidential dream, then let me say in advance that they are wrong, big time. 

If Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu at Çankaya is calculating that leaving the entire power to the palace, with its Demirtaş and HDP calculations, and entering an early election would leave him in the end remaining in his PM seat, then I can say very strongly in advance that he is wrong, big time. 
Demirtaş has secured a strong place for himself, not only in the Kurdish segment of the population but also in the Turkish segment of the population.

These guys are not guerillas 

You will break into the home of two policemen at midnight and fire bullets into the heads of sleeping people, treacherously… 

You will lay the lowest, most cowardly ambush for the traffic police, wait for the police to rush to help with humanitarian motives, then attack them and kill…

You will ambush a commander, right beside his wife and daughter, and kill him…

You will massacre young soldiers with the most cowardly and perfidious methods of the mafia organizations, and then you will stand up and talk about fraternity, resolution and peace… Come on, now… 

You are no guerilla or anything; you are a cheap terrorist…