Allianz has made the right choice with İzmir

Allianz has made the right choice with İzmir

I went to Allianz’s inauguration ceremony in İzmir’s Gaziemir district on April 27. 

I really liked the Allianz Campus, which is one of the most modern business centers in Turkey.

First of all, there are motivating areas in the center. All the details have been thought of and social areas have been created for employees.

I would like to say I am jealous.

But such a place is what I would expect from Allianz, who has moved to İzmir from Istanbul.

I think it is a campus that would set an example for many companies.

Another pleasant detail about the ceremony was the emphasis on İzmir in the speeches.

It was expected that İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu would praise the city as part of his position.

It was also natural to hear Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım praise for the city, as he is an İzmir deputy.

However, what Aylin Somersan Coqui, CEO of Allianz Turkey, and Oliver Baete, the CEO of Allianz Group, said about İzmir was very important.

In summary, they said: “When we decided to move from Istanbul, more than 30 percent of our employees rushed to İzmir eagerly. Moving to İzmir is an important part of our build-up strategy in Turkey. Why İzmir? Because we see it is a rising city.”

I have been writing this repeatedly.

Istanbul is an indispensable city for Turkey.

But we should not forget İzmir. I think it will play much bigger roles in Turkey’s re-advancement.

Is moving to the Aegean everyone’s dream? 

Aylin Somersan Coqui, CEO of Allianz Turkey, said many dream of moving to an Aegean province and continuing their lives there.

“We came here as part of this dream,” Coqui said.

For a while, I have been hearing this comment quite often.

I know many want to run away from the traffic, chaos, and rush in Istanbul.

A similar situation may be valid for those who are in the capital Ankara. They may look for such an opportunity after becoming bored with the city’s bureaucracy.

There is only one difference between the situation now and in the past.

Until the recent past, these dreams were for after retirement.

However, now, there are many people, who are in their 30s and in search of their career, thinking of the same thing.

I think it is crucial to manage this process. Let me say it again. İzmir should be a digital city. The service and tourism industry should be put to the forefront. The new address of Turkey’s modern world and new economy companies should be İzmir. That is why I attach great importance on Allianz moving to İzmir.

İzmir must weigh in politics too 

Now that I have mentioned İzmir, I need to say it must weigh in politics as well.

Yes, Turkey’s prime minister is an İzmir deputy.

The leader of the main opposition party is an İzmir deputy.

However, İzmir’s approach to politics and its interpretation of democracy must find a bigger place in the country’s agenda.

Turkey has been undergoing a critical period. The Middle East is a fireplace, the world is in search of stability and Turkey struggles with multiple problems.

No matter what, the best solution is possible with democracy.

A stronger democracy...

This is why İzmir’s approach of towards democracy is particularly precious. İzmir has undoubtedly much to say for this country and democracy.

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