Over 41,000 vessels pass through Bosphorus in 2019

Over 41,000 vessels pass through Bosphorus in 2019

ISTANBUL-Anadolu Agency

A total of 41,112 vessels passed through Turkey's Bosphorus Strait in 2019, according to official data.

The number of vessels using the strait was unchanged with the previous year's figures of 41,103, the country's Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry announced.

A total of 638.9 million gross tons of cargo passed through the strait over the last year, up from 613.08 million gross tons in 2018.

Some 26,632 vessels passed through the Bosphorus Strait with a harbor pilot in 2019.

The strait saw some 317 over 300-meter long vessels during the same period.

General cargo ships had a major share in total traffic with 18,637 vessels, while the number of tankers -gas, LNG, chemicals and others were 8,957.

The country's other strait, Çanakkale, was also passed by 43,759 vessels in the year, down slightly from 43,999.

Some 14,771 general cargo ships and 9,304 tankers passed through Çanakkale Strait in the year.