More than 5,000 taxi drivers fined in Istanbul in 2021

More than 5,000 taxi drivers fined in Istanbul in 2021


Local authorities in Istanbul have fined more than 5,000 taxi and minibus drivers who did not comply with the rules, with a total of 2.8 million liras ($208,000) in 2021 in a response to frequent complaints coming from residents and tourists.

Municipal officials in the Turkish metropolis conducted unannounced inspections in line with the relevant law and legislation regarding taxis, minibusses and other public transportation throughout the past year.

Working without a permit, hiring an unregistered driver and not having a relief license plate for visually impaired passengers were among the top three reasons for fines, according to the result of the inspection by teams.

Only 142 drivers were fined on the grounds of picking passengers, refusing short-distance routes and not turning on taximeters during rides, contrary to the expectations.

Istanbul residents recently complained that the number of taxis in the city was inadequate, that taxis were uncomfortable and that drivers were rude, but the main grumble related with drivers was not accepting short-distance rides or picking tourists over locals.

According to the municipality, the only way to solve the taxi problem is to boost the number of taxis, but this proposal is being opposed by taxi associations.