Turkish singer reveals she was Israeli army deserter

Turkish singer reveals she was Israeli army deserter


Linet, a well-known name in Turkish pop and Middle Eastern music, has confessed that she was a deserter in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) while chatting with her fans during the opening of an entertainment venue in Istanbul.

Singing for her fans who came from Israel to the Turkish metropolis by a private plane, Linet noted that she was born in Israel, grew up, and lived there until she reached an age when she did not want to do compulsory military service.

“When school was over, they said, ‘it’s time for military service’. So, I came to Turkey. I’m a deserter by the way. I said that no matter what happens, let me be in Turkey, let me die in Turkey,” she noted.

The IDF is one of the only armies in the Western world in which women are drafted to military service by law.

Mandatory service for women in the IDF is 24 months, apart from roles specified in regulations.

Linet served in the IDF only for three months.

The Turkish-Israeli singer has been mentioned recently among candidates to participate in the 2021 season of the Israeli version of The X Factor, which will select the Israeli representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 to be held in Italy.