Turkish pool player Semih Saygıner wins 3-cushion world cup

Turkish pool player Semih Saygıner wins 3-cushion world cup


Prominent Turkish pool player Semih Saygıner won the Sharm El Sheikh World Cup 2021 on Dec. 4 after a fabulous catch-up race.

Saygıner bagged the three-cushion men’s title at the tournament held in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El Sheikh by beating his Dutch rival Dick Jaspers 50-37.

The final match had a poor start; Saygıner took the first lead 20-10 and led 26-13 in the break.

Jaspers fought his way back into the match one last time at 34-34 in 24 innings, but Saygıner immediately reacted with 10 and turned the game to his hand.

Following the win, Sayginer moved up five places to fifth with 299 points in the world classification.

Jaspers remained the number one with 438 points ahead of Marco Zanetti with 338 and Torbjörn Blomdahl, who is equal with Dani Sánchez with 326 points.

Saygıner won one individual world championship in 2003 and two world championship titles as a team member in 2003 and 2004.

The 57-year-old also won an individual World Cup in 2003 and an individual European championship title in 1999.