Turkish Cyprus president says cooperation with Turkey 'long-desired policy'

Turkish Cyprus president says cooperation with Turkey 'long-desired policy'


Cooperation between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is a long-desired policy, said the TRNC president on Oct. 23.

Speaking at an event in Turkey's southern Hatay province, Tatar said it is necessary to act together to protect TRNC’s assets, the national identity of Turkish Cypriots, and national interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Saying that they are against a policy that would sever their ties with Turkey, Tatar added: "Our path is the path that is with you."

During his visit to Hatay Governorship earlier in the day, Tatar said: "There are two different communities in Cyprus, this is how the whole world should know. There is no nation called Cypriot. In Cyprus, you are either Turkish or Greek."

"For centuries, the Turkish Cypriots have always continued their existence there as the rulers of Cyprus during the Ottoman period," he added.

Adding that although Turkish Cypriots faced some difficulties during British rule in the island, he said they never fell under the yoke of Greek Cypriots.