Turkish automakers help health workers fight COVID-19

Turkish automakers help health workers fight COVID-19

BURSA - Anadolu Agency

A Turkish automaker is producing intubation cabins to help protect health care workers from the coronavirus and its spread in a hospital environment, according to the provincial directorate of health in western Bursa province.

"Intubation cabins that were produced to maximize the safety of healthcare workers were first used in Bursa City Hospital," the directorate said in a statement.

It said cabins were produced with the collaboration of a private automobile company in Bursa and anesthetists of the hospital.

Dr. Gülbahar Çalışkan, who works at the hospital, said while patients with breathing difficulties are intubated, healthcare workers are at increased risk of contracting the virus.

"While breath support is provided to patients in intubation cabinets, the risk of virus spread to healthcare workers and the hospital is minimized,'' she said.

Due to the virus pandemic, which has killed tens of thousands worldwide since emerging in December, private companies in Turkey started to help healthcare workers and health sector.