Restoration efforts at Ottoman marvel in Istanbul comes to end

Restoration efforts at Ottoman marvel in Istanbul comes to end


Restoration works at Topkapı Palace, a peerless marvel that has been home to the Ottoman dynasty for more than 400 years in Istanbul, are about to finish soon.

The efforts have been continuing since 2019, and when they are finished, visitors will be able to see the Fatih Mansion, which was one of the most visited sections in the palace.

One of the most significant milestones of the works was the removal of a 1,500-ton concrete load believed to have been added on the domes of the mansion in the 1940s.

The concrete mass on the mansion, which caused slipping on the ground and cracks in the site, was removed from the building with the help of a tower crane after being cut into blocks.

Wooden dome assemblies were installed instead of the removed concrete mass while a new steel beam and cross tension system was created on the roof in line with the project.

The dome and roof of the mansion began to be covered with mud plaster and then with lead plates with traditional methods as it was done during the Ottoman period.

While the lead coating work, which is the last stage of the restoration, is planned to be completed in February 2022, the iconic mansion is expected to be opened to visitors at the end of year.

Officials stated that the mansion has been made resistant to a possible Istanbul earthquake with the applied ground and building reinforcement and the original roof system.

The most known artifacts such as the Spoonmaker’s Diamond, the Golden Throne, and the Topkapı dagger were exhibited in the mansion before the restoration.

“After the completion of the furnishing process, we will bring the Topkapı Palace treasures together with the visitors,” said Yasin Yıldız, head of the National Palaces Directorate.