All murders resolved except for one in 2021: Ministry

All murders resolved except for one in 2021: Ministry


Turkish security forces have shed light on all but one of the 1,468 murders committed in 2021, and now they are trying to unveil the mystery behind the death of a natural gas installer who was shot and killed in Turkey’s southwestern province of Denizli last year.

Almost all of the “deliberate killing” incidents that took place in urban areas under police responsibility last year were resolved as a result of the meticulous work of security units, according to a written statement released by the country’s Interior Ministry.

However, the ministry behind the murder of natural gas installer Burak Durna, who lost his life in January 2021 after he was shot with a pistol from an empty apartment building next to his residence, has not been solved yet.

A special team set up to shed light on the murder determined that the suspect lurked for a while after breaking into a balcony from where he was aiming at Durna.

The teams took statements from Durna’s friends, especially his relatives, to solve the murder, but they could not obtain any concrete evidence that would enable the suspect to be reached.

Although more than a year has passed since the murder, the teams continue to work to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators.