LOCAL > Two-thirds of humanity suffers from ‘Islamophobia disease’: Turkey’s religious head

İZMİR – Anatolia News Agency

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Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate head Mehmet Görmez speaks at a conference. AA photo

Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate head Mehmet Görmez speaks at a conference. AA photo

Fear of Islam has spread into the hearts of nearly two-thirds of humanity through global political actors, Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate head Mehmet Görmez said today.

"Islamophobia has become an illness in the hearts of two-thirds of humanity. We are facing different kinds of challenges against Islam,” Görmez said in a meeting with religious officials in the western province of İzmir.

Görmez also said mass media had taken over all young people, leading to a change in the language and understanding of their audiences. “We can’t continue with the definitions from 10 years ago,” he added, signaling a change in the institution’s teachings.


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Notice on comments

illawarrior hill

4/16/2013 8:13:39 AM

Do not confuse dislike of Islam with fear of it

mara mcglothin

4/1/2013 6:41:57 PM

OZ_man I never said I as an Islamic scholar by any stretch of the imagination. I have learned about Islam over the last 30 years from one of the best Muslims I know. My Father in Law.

Moiz Ali

3/29/2013 4:34:09 PM

When you point a finger towards somebody, four of your fingers are pointing towards you. Have we Muslims done things in the last 50/100 years to increase Islamophobia? As I have observed, our ways are full of prejudices and hatred. When you hate among yourselves, how can you expect others to respect you. Sometimes we are more willing to be with non-Muslims than Muslims. I find many Muslims 'full of Talk', their planning is weak, and their approach still weaker.

Oz_man .

3/29/2013 2:13:18 PM

Mara question for you? Where did you learn your Islam from? How can you Criticise something you don't know? I've decided to take up quantum mechanics. I thing the University lecturers don't know what they ate on about? I think I can design better equations.

Brit in Turkey

3/29/2013 2:08:47 PM

murat akşen and Amin Abdullah: Thank you both for taking the time to explain the Muslim thinking to me.

american american

3/29/2013 1:47:36 PM

john smith, you do realize that the population of the west is miniscule amid the 2/3rds of the worlds population.

John Smith

3/29/2013 11:04:48 AM

Western media organisations are almost completely controlled by Zionist entities and they have been waging a relentless hate war against Muslims for years. This is not a arbitery occurrence, this is an organised, controlled and well thought out campaign. Read any Western news site and you will see how stories about Muslims and Islam are spun to create a climate of hate, fear and loathing. Read the comments and all will be poisonous .

Fred Doyle

3/28/2013 8:53:19 PM

Right!! and Muslim leaders don't play on their followers Christainphobia...heck, they stoke it for their own need...unless they want money or technology from the west. If you repeat a lie often enough, and loud enough, people will believe it.

Amin Abdullah

3/28/2013 8:10:37 PM

The term Muslim means one who has submitted willingly to the natural order created by our Lord-Creator. Meaning to behave in a compassionate, caring way to all humanity (many so-called Muslims today are not behaving this way) A newborn child is in the natural order because the world's thinking has not influenced him/her as yet. A baby would give a smile to the most evil person. The goodness within their souls have not been polluted as yet. That is why Muslims say that babies are born Muslims.

mara mcglothin

3/28/2013 4:15:09 PM

OZ_man Being married to a Muslim might not make me "pro-Islamic" but at the same time would imply that I am not "anti-Islam" How could my marriage work it I was as you constantly accuse? If I criticize, it makes me against Islam, if MR GORMEZ criticizes or judges Christianity it simply allows him an opinion? How can both be correct?
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