Turkish poverty threshold rises 3.5 percent in January

Turkish poverty threshold rises 3.5 percent in January

Turkish poverty threshold rises 3.5 percent in January

The poverty threshold for a family of four was 6,543 Turkish Liras ($1,232) monthly as of January, a 3.5 percent increase from the previous month, the Confederation of Turkish Labor Union (Türk-İş) has announced.

The poverty line was 5,262 liras in January 2018, according to the labor union.

The poverty threshold depicts the amount of expenditures necessary for a family of four to feed itself healthily, while also including sufficient spending for clothing, housing (rent, electricity, water and fuel), transportation, education, health and related outlays.

Türk-İş also calculated that the hunger was 2,009 liras in January versus 1,941 liras in the previous month and 1,616 liras a year ago.

The hunger threshold indicates the minimum amount of money needed to save a four-member family from starvation.

The monthly surveys carried out by Türk-İş reflect the price changes of basic necessities on family budgets.

In the capital Ankara, food costs of a family of four increased by 3.48 percent in January from December 2018, while the rise over the past 12 months was 24.34 percent, the survey also showed.

In December last year, the monthly minimum wage in Turkey was raised by 26.05 percent to 2,020 liras for 2019.

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