CRIME >Turkish police on alert to capture four ISIL members prepared for attacks in Turkey


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Turkish police has been put on alert to capture four suspects, who are members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and have entered Turkey from Syria for a major attack, Anadolu Agency reported.

According to the report, intelligence units have found out that the suspects, one of them a foreign national, have recently entered the country.

The suspects were instructed to make a major attack, such as hijacking a plane or a ship, or attack the crowd during a rally.

Three of the suspects are members of the “Dokumacılar,” an extremists group based in the southeastern province of Adıyaman under probe for recruiting militants for ISIL.

Yunus Emre Alagöz, one of the suicide bombers in the Oct. 10 Ankara attack, and his brother Abdurrahman Alagöz, who killed 33 students in a similar attack in Suruç on July 20, were both members of “Dokumacılar” group.

The fake identity cards used by the four suspects have been released to the media. According to the information, Ömer Deniz D, born in Adıyaman in 1993, uses a fake ID under the name Emre Kaya, Savaş Y., born in Adana in 1983, carries an ID with the name Hamza Tonbak.

Walentina S., who was born in Kazakhstan in 1995 and is the only female member of the terror group, carries and ID with the name Yıldız Bozkurt, while 20-year-old Muhammet Zana A. from Adıyaman uses the name Murat Özalp.

Authorities have asked the public to be careful and inform the authorities if they see the suspects.


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