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PM Erdoğan hugs an elderly woman after his speech at a summit.

PM Erdoğan hugs an elderly woman after his speech at a summit.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan repeated his call to Turkish families for at least three children, at a summit held in Ankara yesterday. Speaking at the International Family and Social Policies Summit, the prime minister said that the strength of a nation lies in its families and the strength of families lies in the number of their children.

“One or two children mean bankruptcy. Three children mean we are not improving but not receding either. So, I repeat, at least three children are necessary in each family, because our population risks aging. We are still on the good side, as we still own a young and dynamic population. But we are slowly aging. Presently, the whole western world is trying to cope with this problem. Please do not take our susceptibility lightly, this is a very serious issue,” he said.

Erdoğan also underlined the importance of family values and said, as a conservative democratic party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) focused their whole policy around the idea of strong families.

“There are abstract values that make a household a family. And it is extremely dangerous if that family loses those values. Therefore we are working on developing new projects to protect family values. We took measures to remove the pressure on family unity due to economic problems. We distributed a total of 108 billion Turkish Liras in social aid to citizens in need. In April we started a new program for single mothers who lost their husbands. We are providing them an allowance of 500 liras every two months and so far 225,000 citizens have benefited from these assistance projects. We have more projects to come in the near future,” he said.


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Notice on comments

Misses Ataturk

1/3/2013 11:26:38 PM

''Our population risks aging'' - yeah it sure does with this guy in charge.

american american

1/3/2013 9:04:00 PM

when turkey makes it military 'professional' like in america, having a lot of poor, angry young men willbe quite useful

Pawel Bury

1/3/2013 6:05:55 PM

People need more than mosques and tanks to live. With 350€ basic salary while you pay for gas 2€/liter you should not make children at all cause you won't have money to feed them or educate them. Maybe this is what he wants. Poor undereducated fanatic Muslims. Hope he won;t make a law out of this when he becomes president/sultan.

Agnes Smith

1/3/2013 4:30:07 PM

One or two children mean bankruptcy.- like yours maybe?

vural korkmaz

1/3/2013 4:27:11 PM

About $9K per capita income does not make Turkiye a rich country, far from it. Please see CNN-Turk's article about 133 students in an elementary school classroom in a village called Çıkrık of Şanlıurfa, Siverek. Is that the resources Mr. Erdogan is going to bring up Turkiye's children? What he is asking for is cheap, slave workers.

Agnes Smith

1/3/2013 4:25:44 PM

Four or five students have to sit together on the same desk in two first-grade classrooms, which have 133 and 130 students, respectively. HDN. Go and have more - lets get a world record for how many you can fit in a classroom. Or maybe it will just for the boys in the future - this should cut down the need by 50%.

mara mcglothin

1/3/2013 4:22:04 PM

The trick is having available employment opportunities for these "said" 3 children! Has he ever pointed out how many boys to girls people should have? There are already too many young adults who have no chance of employment, which will only bring the country poverty. Very backward thinking.


1/3/2013 3:35:18 PM

Hey, give me 4 wives and I will give you dozens of children. You need to feed them though!

Agnes Smith

1/3/2013 2:48:18 PM

Love this photo HDN! Women of this generation hugging the PM are illiterate. They understand nothing other than reverence to men. I know this through personal experience. They are the salt of the earth but can't even tell the time. This is why Islam became important to them. To give them a structure to their day as the mosque dictates, when to cook and eat, clean their feet and to pray for their sons.

Agnes Smith

1/3/2013 2:14:20 PM

Seems everyone is in agreement here. PM is not in touch with the realities of bringing up children in this country. He has the resourses to send his kids overseas for their education. Until there are schools and teachers enough to cope - jobs post education how can anyone fall for this. I don't understand how he thinks single mums benefit from 500 tl every 2 months. This works out at 8 tl per day which is probably enough to buy bread to stave off starvation.
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