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 US President Barack Obama. AFP photo

US President Barack Obama. AFP photo

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) joined the Turkish Foreign Ministry yesterday in criticizing U.S. President Barack Obama’s annual April 24 statement marking the events of 1915.

CHP has voiced disapproval of Obama’s statement, arguing that it was neither helpful for Armenians nor for Turks in reaching an eventual reconciliation in the interpretation of historical facts.

“This statement, aiming to pet the feelings of one side, will not be helping to create a common understanding and memory through dialogue and to settle peaceful relations in the future, by confronting the disputed common past between Turks and Armenians,” CHP’s deputy leader Faruk Loğoğlu said in a written statement released yesterday.

Commemorating the 98th anniversary of mass killings of the Anatolian Armenians during World War I, Obama deemed them “Meds Yeghern” (great calamity), as he avoided the term “genocide” at the cost of disappointing Armenians, particularly the U.S.-based Armenian diaspora.

Loğoğlu said that Obama had once again supported the Armenian accusations launched against the Turks over history and his words were far from reflecting the reality. The relationship between Turkey and Armenia must be handled by remedying the bilateral and regional problems, and third parties should only be involved in encouraging such endeavors, he added.

Becoming first to criticize Obama’s statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the U.S. president’s approach only reflected Armenian views.

“Issued under the influence of domestic political considerations and interpreting controversial historical events on the basis of one-sided information and with a selective sense of justice, such statements damage both Turkish-American relations, and also render it more difficult for Turks and Armenians to reach a just memory,” the statement read.

“Our expectation from an important ally of Turkey such as the U.S. is ... to encourage the Armenian side, which avoids objective and scientific research of the issue, to be more realistic and conciliatory,” the statement added, noting the readiness of Turkey for the investigation of history.


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Notice on comments

Leo Landau

4/29/2013 11:09:08 AM

The problem is that US and other Western countries that playing with this "genocide" are not helping the problem. Instead of politically avoid taking of one side, US government should support the investigation of the issue. There wasn,t any genocide or massacre of armenians in Turkey. There was only deportation of dangerous elements from one part of the Empire to other. How can it be that the reformer of the Turkish language became armenian scientist Akop "Dilachar" Mttartayan?

Peter Lambson

4/25/2013 11:03:55 PM

Turkey embraces its Ottoman past when it serves its geopolitical agenda, but mention the Armenian Genocide and suddenly Turkey disavows itself of its Ottoman roots. Even so, ethnic cleansing, pogroms and massacres occurred in Turkey well after the establishment of the modern republic.

mara mcglothin

4/25/2013 10:42:49 PM

So what would he have preferred Obama do??? Call it genocide? Now, to me, that would have been taking sides. Obama, as usual is riding the fence. I have to agree with JOBS ION on this. The Ottoman Empire is long gone. Turkey should not be held accountable regardless of whether it was genocide or not. Period.

Aryeh Rapaport

4/25/2013 10:38:22 PM

Jobs, If I kill someone& change my name I shouldnt be liable for killing? Compare French to Ottomans? Damn the French& damn the Ottomans. Because he did i can do? both acts are wrong& evil. Take responsibility for mass death. French apologized for many crimes. For Turks to repeatedly claim they didnt massacre is ridiculous. Facts& US govt historical data proves Turks are responsible for massacre. Stand up, apologize, ask for forgiveness & seek a remedy- its the right thing to do!

Rudz Yan

4/25/2013 10:02:08 PM

Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire were fighting for their civil rights way before the Armenian Genocide. They wanted equal rights and better treatment in the Ottoman Empire. In result, many times tens of thousands of Armenians were massacred to suppress the growing demand for civil rights. For instance, the Hamidian massacres of 1895 or the Adana massacre of 1909 are a good example of this. As Turkey would admit since it’s a democratic country everyone should be treated equal. In result,


4/25/2013 7:13:26 PM

Who cares, Obama is not a historian, nor do the Americans know any better than what really happened during 1915. All part of a political game, ask them to point Armenia on the map, i bet they don't even know where it is. If even Kim Kardashian is an expert on history, we are heading the good way. We Turks endured lots of atrocities in the Balkans, in East Anatolia, in the Caucasus and last on Cyprus, but look who is complaining all the time. As if they have a peaceful history themselves...


4/25/2013 7:11:04 PM

Armenians need to cut this anchor loose and end this campaign of hate and blood feud. There is so much that can be done to improve the relations, to rejuvenate the Armenian culture and communities in Eastern Anatolia and open the way for their return to ancestral lands but all that is less important than hating the Turk obviously. Turkey has come a long way facing their history, when will Armenians do the same?

Jobs jon

4/25/2013 5:27:45 PM

Ottomans killed Armenians and Armenians killed Ottomans. Turkey has nothing to do with that war because Turkey is not Ottoman; hence it is not appropriate to allege Turkey for something it has not done. Its not like what the France had done in Algeria or the Holland in Indonesia or Serbia in Kosovo because all these countries (victims and killers) exist today. Ottoman Empire does not exist. Therefore we should leave Turkey alone and get not too jealous with their prosperity.

Reality Plus

4/25/2013 4:38:30 PM

Whooaw! "The Armenian HolocoUst"! We were used to quite some pathetic jokes from the Armenian activists, but this one really needs to be bookmarked. Speaking about ignorance, you just give the audience the "crassest" one! Thank you for such a brilliant contribution to the Armenian cause, you made my day!

john albay

4/25/2013 4:03:48 PM

I am sure that the US president will now take that on board and ignore it,but must lightly he will never know what theses loosers have said!
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