Turkish beer boss says he did not suggest tax hike for ‘homebrewed beer’

Turkish beer boss says he did not suggest tax hike for ‘homebrewed beer’

Turkish beer boss says he did not suggest tax hike for ‘homebrewed beer’

The head of Turkey’s top brewery Anadolu Efes has said he had not suggested a tax for “homebrewed beer,” adding that this trend is actually good in order for the beer industry to achieve further growth.

The rising trend among Turks brewing alcoholic beverages at home has hit the sales of a range of drinks in the country, including beer, Anadolu Efes Chair Tuncay Özilhan was quoted as telling a group of journalists in Frankfurt.

He was also quoted to have said this trend has led to a significant decline in tax income, adding that they have shared their views on this issue with authorities.

In a statement on Feb. 2, Özilhan said he had actually mentioned the negative impact on human health from high taxes on alcoholic beverages, as they have led to a significant increase in counterfeit beverage production.

“This dangerous trend has put people’s health at risk and has led to serious tax income. This was actually what I wanted to underline,” Özilhan noted.

He added that he did not mean anything negative by pointing out the rising trend of homebrewed beer in Turkey.

“As Anadolu Efes, we have given great importance to the spread of beer culture in our country and have supported anyone who has been a part of such efforts. We believe the hobby of brewing beer at home makes a contribution to developing the beer sector as a part of this culture,” Özilhan noted.

“As I mentioned in Frankfurt, high taxes on alcoholic beverages have negatively affected our sector and we voice this concern on every platform. My desire is to see a reevaluation in the current tax rates rather than an imposition of any further taxes,” he concluded.