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Hürriyet photo

Hürriyet photo

Famous Turkish author Elif Shafak has defended the cover of her latest book, saying she had already shared the photo through her Twitter account months before it was used on the cover, daily Hürriyet has reported.
Shafak responded to claims of plagiarism via a written statement that highlighted her previous attempts to share the photo of the installation months before.
The best-selling author wrote that she had shared the photo last March, praising the "creative idea" behind it. She said she had later posted it on her Facebook account as well, telling her followers and fans that she would like to see more such artworks in Istanbul.

Hürriyet photo 

  "I already shared that inspirational photo with over 600,000 people on Twitter and over 300,000 on Facebook," Shafak said. "And yet despite all of this, there are people accusing us [of plagiarism], as if they have discovered something entirely new."
"The problem is not with the cover they see," Shafak added. "But with the veil that is over their eyes, and over their hearts."
The cover of Shafak's latest book, "Şemspare," is allegedly the replica of an art installation by artists Rafael Legidos Ibane and Mario Berna Box. Credited to Fethi İzan, the cover photo displays dozens of colorful umbrellas hanging in the air over a street in an old neighborhood.


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Notice on comments

frankie A.

7/3/2012 9:28:41 PM

@Stephen Gates - this comparison has been drawn by Turkish media.Maybe the artists themselves haven't seen it yet? What I'm getting from your comment is it is okay to rip off other people's fotographs, music, films as long as they don't complain? I am a modern woman and I love Elif Shafak. However, as an artist, I am not going to be silent about this.

two sides to every coin

7/3/2012 2:33:02 PM

What is the big deal, have the two artists complained. No they have not, the problem here is Elif herself, she is not liked by many because she is a modern thinking woman with modern ideas. I have read all her books and find her a breath of fresh air and a damn good author.

frankie A.

7/3/2012 1:53:35 PM

Dearest Shafak, just because you have shared the artwork online - does it give you the right to blatantly copy it? I would have expected something more in lines of "I have contacted the artist before" or "I have paid for the rights of the artwork"etc etc. Had this "similarity"not been noted by someone, would this article even exist? I follow your twitter and when people mentioned how great the cover is, you haven't mentioned the name of the artist even once.
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