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Forty-five people who supported recent labor action at Turkish Airlines in protest at legislation that will prohibit strikes at the carrier have been fired amid a wave of terminations stemming from the demonstration, daily Hürriyet reported.
The employees all belonged to a sub-company of Turkish Airlines.
THY recently laid off around 300 employees for participating in a slowdown protest on May 29 that led to the cancelations of dozens of domestic and international flights.
The Civil Aviation Trade Union (Hava-İş) said the company fired its employees via text messages and emails, adding that the airline deactivated personnel cards to prevent persona non grata employees from entering airline buildings.
Employees can be fired for missing three days in a row.
The motion prohibiting strikes for aviation workers has been passed by Parliament and is now waiting for President Abdullah Gül’s assent before it will formally become law.


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Notice on comments

mara mcglothin

6/8/2012 5:26:48 PM

Stephen The only reason I would not touch THY is if I felt due to the recent issues that the airline was no longer safe. If people in N America were concerned with "draconion laws" they wouldn't be coming to Turkey in the first place! MORK AND MINDY The airline has gone to hell in a handbasket Service people rude...airplanes dirty and hot..food no longer good. Too big too fast is also a safety concern. I only endure THY because it cuts my trip from USA from 22-28 hours to 18.

Stephen Brunette

5/31/2012 8:13:07 PM

Don't worry, THY will crash and burn with it's huge orders for new planes, and no strikes allowed. Once the Europeans and those in the far east and North America get the word about this draconion law, they won't touch THY if it was the last airline on earth. So correct from best to worst in 2 years.

Mork and Mindy Simpson

5/31/2012 5:54:45 PM

From the best Airline in Europe to the worst in less than 2 years... Is 2 years the magic number to mess things up in this country? just wondering?
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