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Actor Mehmet Ali Alabora reads a statement about the threats he has received. DHA photo

Actor Mehmet Ali Alabora reads a statement about the threats he has received. DHA photo

Famous actor Memet Ali Alabora has said he is being threatened by unknown people over his support for the Gezi Park protests, after a Turkish daily showed him as one of the leading figures of “a plan to topple the Turkish Government.”

Daily Yeni Şafak claimed on June 10 that a theatre play called “Mi Minor,” allegedly supported by an agency in Britain, had held rehearsals of “revolution” in Turkey for months.

The newspaper accused Memet Ali Alabora of collaborating with “external spies” to start a revolution in Turkey.

Alabora, who is also director of the play, is a well-known activist in Turkey in favor of civil rights and the environment.

Yeni Şafak “proved” Alabora’s hidden intentions to topple the government and hold rehearsals by playing Mi Minor hundreds of times by citing his past interviews too.

“Pinima is a country led with a democracy where the president decides anything, and you enter Pinima as you enter the theater hall, the president regulates everything. This is the basic fiction of the play and you live it. But there is a pianist, a stray pianist, and the play starts by forbidding the musical note Mi. The pianist then starts singing to show reaction and show what’s happening in Pirima by calling on citizens to show it through social media. The audience chooses to watch it on social media or attend,” Alabora was quoted as saying by Yeni Şafak.

He said that when the trees were uprooted in Gezi Park he had sent a tweet inviting people to come to Taksim for support. He said he was being targeted for that tweet and the agency allegedly financing “his movement” was a public relations agency owned by Turks based in Britain. 

The play Mi Minor takes place in a non-existent country called Pinima. It has been described by critics as a thought-provoking, technologically cutting-edge play. The play fully integrates digital technology and social media, with digital and “physical” audiences and actors continuously interacting both inside the theatre and on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The play is said to be inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions, which unseated well-rooted dictatorships.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan condemned artists involved in the protests against the government on June 9, saying: “Shame on the artists who support this process.”


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Notice on comments

Michael Johnson

6/12/2013 8:12:40 AM

Eric, you've been drinking too much of Erdogan's Jonestown Kool-Aid. And, you seem to be oblivious of your audience when posting to this site; no one here is an Erdogan fan in case you missed it. Therefore, you are just trolling for attention.

Eric Martin

6/11/2013 5:43:14 AM

Hey Hakan and foreigners - He's a legally elected leader in free elections. What about this do you not understand? Saying Hitler and dictator and sultan will not convince anyone. Long live Erdogan! Greatest leader in Turkey's history! @dutchturk. Well said. You and I speak for many displace Turks who lived through Socialism and Military coups!

Tekion Particle

6/11/2013 1:05:06 AM

Again PM condemning people for having brains and standing up to his authoritarian rule. All bow down before the great dictator and surrender yourselves to his will as he knows what is best for all, especially for his cronies and campaign sponsors like the contractors. Shame on you RTE for being so corrupt, undemocratic and an authoritarian.

Great Attila

6/10/2013 11:09:36 PM

Yeni Safak should be sued by Alabora for libel, but in Turkey that would be thrown out because this islamic dictatorship has the courts wrapped up in their fingers.

Hakan Salci

6/10/2013 11:00:21 PM

@ DutchTurk, you say at the end of your statement, 'God Bless Turkiye C*', well newsflash for you my friend for your beloved PM is intent on removing any notion of T.C. from the Constitution just as he has started to remove T.C. from all state departments. Before you go off and make one of your comments remember that. Another thing, your beloved PM, I mean dictator, couldn't say 'Chapulcu' to a few thousand PKK terrorist baby killers but he has the nerve to say it to demonstrators; very spot on.

Ali Karp

6/10/2013 9:37:35 PM

What do you expect from the Sultan's crowd? He himself is a thug.

Blue Dotterel

6/10/2013 8:32:07 PM

Isn't it Britain who wishes to support Erdogan with arms to topple the regime in Syria? It seems that Cameron and Erdogan are close allies. Why would the UK want to get rid of Erdogan now? Clearly, Yeni Safak is engaging in slander to demonize the opposition to Erdogan's policies. Shame, shame.

KuriouserN Kuriouser

6/10/2013 7:44:26 PM

Will the government arrest and try those involved in Daily Yeni Safak for abusing their position as a news source by publishing libelous 'news' or is that treatment only for kids on Twitter whom the ruling party views as a 'menace' to their own image?

mara mcglothin

6/10/2013 7:14:06 PM

Damn those crazy artists again!!!! Godspeed to ALABORA Thanks for all that you do. Once again a call to join the protest becomes something else. Same old same old in Turkey.


6/10/2013 7:12:24 PM

Kinda hypocrite Alabora, either threw rocks on the police or promoted others to do so, are you gonna ask the police to protect you? This is far beyond a Park issue, it's a political game of those who can only dream of winning an election anytime soon. Apparently also the right wing Turks aren't that happy with the Chapulcu activity. So if you think that Turkey is only Taksim you are mistaken and 20 000 in a city of 15 000 000 is not a significant number. God bless Turkiye C*
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