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Hürriyet Photo

Hürriyet Photo

Turkey has more journalists in jail than any other country, followed by Iran and China, the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said Tuesday.
The number of journalists in prison reached a record high this year, as critical reporters and editors were charged with "terrorism" and other crimes against the state, the New York-based group said.
"We are living in an age when anti-state charges and 'terrorist' labels have become the preferred means that governments use to intimidate, detain, and imprison journalists," CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon said in a statement.
"Criminalizing probing coverage of inconvenient topics violates not only international law, but impedes the right of people around the world to gather, disseminate, and receive independent information."

Turkey had jailed at least 49 journalists as of December 1, including dozens of Kurdish reporters held on terrorism-related charges and other journalists accused of plotting against the government, the group said.
Iran had jailed at least 45 journalists by the start of this month, followed by China with 32, the report said.
In all, the group identified 232 writers, editors and photojournalists imprisoned as of December 1, a "snapshot" that does not include many journalists imprisoned and released over the course of the year, it said.
The total marked an increase of 53 from the same day in 2011 and the highest since the organization began its survey in 1990.
The previous record of 185 journalists imprisoned worldwide was set in 1996.
Rounding out the top five jailers of journalists were Eritrea, with 28 reporters behind bars, and Syria, with 15.
They were followed by Vietnam (14), Azerbaijan (9), Ethiopia (6), Saudi Arabia (4) and Uzbekistan (4). The group identified a total of 27 countries as imprisoning journalists.


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Notice on comments

Mohamed Al Hashimi

12/13/2012 5:54:19 PM

Red Tail: Saddam Hussein soliders when they leak secret information about Iraq system. United States calls to protect the person who is leaking information about Saddam Hussein as humans rights protection. It is new world order by American humans rights choice !

mara mcglothin

12/13/2012 5:00:55 PM

CLOTHESPEG See REDTAIL's comment. These is a huge difference in transparency and divulging classified information! Huge! Simple. So while citizens of the USA believe in knowing what is going on, there are somethings that cannot be disclosed. Do you think it would have been right for Obama to go on television and tell the World he had sent Seals to kill OBLaden?

Red Tail

12/12/2012 12:41:58 AM

Roger Harding. You have totally misunderstood freedom of speech and journalism, if you compare Bradley Manning with journalists doing their jobs. Bradley Manning revlealed classified military information. No country in the world would ever tolerate that. Never in the history has any country accepted that individuals employed by the Army reveals secret informatin. I dont understand how you can even compare a leaking soldier with a journalist.

Mandal Clothespeg

12/12/2012 12:10:50 AM

Mara, wasn't what Bradley Manning & Julian Assange did also not an attempt to give the World some insight and make us better informed??? Where was the treason??? Governments elected by the people ought to be more transparent and accountable to those who put them in power, not keep secrets from them!

Mohamed Al Hashimi

12/11/2012 11:28:24 PM

I think that the west is increasing their plans around Turkey from couple years because of West economic crisis (Israel - Turkey ship to Syria civil war) so Turkey should try to not enter direct or indirect war with the west and rise their national security and army. Also, to open new relation with China as new alliance for Turkey.


12/11/2012 8:49:38 PM

Nothing the world didn't already know. Democracy mode ala-Turk! Thank you just the same CNN, BBC and CBC, Al Jazeera and the likes for airing this. The EU's echelons will have something to ponder in their next report on the status of human rights and freedoms in Turkey. But not to worry, some wise AKP politician will promptly and publicly throw it in a trash bin again... Regards

Tekion Particle

12/11/2012 7:05:26 PM

Well said Roger.

mara mcglothin

12/11/2012 6:41:14 PM

ROGER Publishing and exposing classified documents as a soldier in the US military in my opinion is an act of treason. Period. Holding an interview with a member of the PKK or writing an indepth study or book on the subject, does NOT a terrorist make! Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer have both interviewed OBLaden, Castro, Amedenajhad and many others, but that does not make them part of a terrorist organization. It is their attempt to give the World some insight, so we are better informed.

Roger Harding

12/11/2012 6:20:00 PM

Turkey must change this situation. NOW. Rather than tmrw. Absolutely unacceptable in the 21st century. Having said that ARYEH and MARA, USA is no benchmark for Turkey in this regard. Just look at the plight of JULIAN ASSANGE. And BRADLEY MANNING. Both in inhuman isolation for being Whistle Blowers. Powerful people in the US wants to see both hanged.

Roger Harding

12/11/2012 4:30:26 PM

What a shameful achievement for a country that aspires to a prominent place on the world stage. Period.
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