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Cansu Çamlıbel ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

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Namık Tan (center). AA Photo

Namık Tan (center). AA Photo

Turkey and the United States do not see eye to eye on resource extraction in northern Iraq, Turkey’s ambassador to Washington has said, while declaring that U.S. companies are not even following their own country’s directives.

“It seems like Turkey’s acceleration of new projects with Iraqi Kurds in the north of the country has not pleased Baghdad and Washington,” Namık Tan told daily Hürriyet on Jan. 6 in the western province of Izmir during Turkey’s fifth annual ambassadors’ conference.

“Is it possible for a country that has multiplied its citizens’ prosperity three or five times to turn its back on some [natural] sources next to its own land? I’m not talking within the context of northern Iraq, it’s also the south there. Iraq is an entire country. Turkey cannot ignore that, but we want to do [business] in compliance with the Iraqi Constitution, on a legal basis,” Tan said, while noting that Washington was discouraging Ankara by suggesting that Turkish involvement in northern Iraq “helps divide Iraq.”

Tan also said there were more than 40 U.S. companies in northern Iraq – a fact that contradicts the U.S.’ own arguments.

“Any firm you can imagine [operates] there, but my firms will not be able to,” he said. “This is not a convincing argument. Really it is nonsense. They say, ‘You cannot convince us,’ and we go, ‘You cannot convince us either.’ We will not have a conflict here on this issue. We will talk and find a common basis for a solution. However, if they think that we will turn our back on those resources and shelve [this opportunity], they cannot convince us on that.”


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Blue Dotterel

1/7/2013 11:44:06 PM

@Thomas, The Patriot missiles in turkey are not there to protect Turkey, but to protect Israel should Israel attack Iran. A secondary function would be to assist in the creation of a no-fly zone over Syria, but this is less probable at the moment.

Tekion Particle

1/7/2013 9:18:21 PM

US did not invade Iraq to save the Iraqi people from Saddam with his WMD, they invaded Iraq to save Iraqi people from oil profits and supply US with under-priced cheap oil. They destroyed Iraq in order to have US firms rebuild it at a very handsome profit. Why else arms manufacturers, oil companies and construction companies would spend $billions on Republican election campaigns? And now they do not want to share the spoils of the blood money with anyone. They made the killing n want to keep it.

Tomas Giovanni

1/7/2013 8:27:11 PM

Murat maybe I misunderstand your suggestion but do not forget that with the USA's assistance and NATO, there are foreign troops protecting your southern geographical area with Patriot Missles. Syria with Russia's assistance is keeping the almight Asaad in office as well which I believe Turkey is assisting with border protection with that issue as well. Choose your friends wisely!

ilker avni

1/7/2013 7:14:54 PM

This only proves that the US invaded Iraq for all its resources stealing its wealth away from the citizens of Iraq.Iraq will have to pay for the american invasions with its oil,American telling Iraq who it can and cannot do bussiness with is another proof that the United states controll Iraq,s resources..


1/7/2013 4:38:07 PM

Such nonsense. Given all the restrictions they all want to impose on Turkey, the only neighbor left to trade with would be Russia. It is business of Turkey, not USA ten thousand miles away. Iraq was divided the day US troops entered there, they are not aware?

Karl Jager

1/7/2013 2:38:08 PM

Do not be taken in by the rubbish the US is saying. t is trying to confuse, and then march in and fill Iran up with US companies. Tye are only interested in themselves, not other countries nor the consequences. The worlds time will come against the US.
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