Turkey trains Bulgarian students

Turkey trains Bulgarian students

EDİRNE - Anatolia News Agency
Turkey trains Bulgarian students

Bulgarian high school students are the guests of Turkish automotive companies. AA photo

High school students from Bulgaria, who have come to the western province of Edirne for apprenticeship courses, as part of a European Union project, are learning skills such as oil changing, auto electrics, gearbox repair and wheel balancing from Turkish masters.

Edirne Deputy Governor Ayhan Özkan said 20 high school students were in the city as part of the Leonardo Da Vinci project, and that these students would return to their country as cultural envoys.
“Students from Kurumovgard will be our guests for 20 days. There are also Turkish-origin students among them. The automotive sector is one of the leading sectors in Turkey. Our students are learning its technology and will apply these skills in their country.”

Ertunga Bilgiç, general director of Tuzcular Automotive A.Ş., one of the companies to which students are going for the training, said he was very proud that his firm had been chosen for the apprenticeship project, in terms of technologies and standards.

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