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AFP Photo

AFP Photo

Turkey has sent a diplomatic note to Syria over the mortar bomb that hit the southeastern province of Akçakale on Sept. 28, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said during a press conference in New York.

Davutoğlu said events at the border were being followed very closely, and that a note had been sent to Syrian authorities regarding the recent incident.

"No one should doubt Turkey's defense capabilities," Davutoğlu said. "We have taken all necessary precautions at border towns, including Çanakkale. Turkey is powerful enough to control the situation at the border."He also said Turkey was not excluding anyone from the peace process in Syria."We will not step back from taking the necessary precautions for Turkey's safety. We have shared this with all sides. We are following the area very closely."



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two sides to every coin

9/30/2012 5:31:47 PM


Shah Hamdan

9/30/2012 10:18:42 AM

For mortars FM is issuing note what about destruction this FM and his FSA have brought to Syrians. Syria is destroyed and divided on sectarian and regional basis. It will take decades to repair these damages.

Dennis Kavaz

9/30/2012 6:06:31 AM

Mr. Assad knows that he and his regime are standing on a shaky ground on a daily bases; as a result of that, the regime and he are determined (before he exits) to destroy what ever he has built for Syria; if Mr. Assad and his regime don’t care about their own people dying why worry about Turkey or anyone else for that matter? In actual fact Mr. Assad and his regime would love to get others (Turkey) involved for they have nothing to lose.

ilker avni

9/30/2012 2:18:01 AM

Turkey reminds me of Englands Chamberlin when he came back with a piece of paper declaring all was well because herr Hitler had signed it.next day Nazi Germany invaded Poland.Turkey has been shown to be weak,military wise and political wise.The military is loseing the war with the pkk,how can it take on Syria,Turkey is short on attack helicopters,it has no defence against missile attacks.The Turkish army is lacking in morale,after all its leaders have been locked up.,Turkey is just a toothless.


9/29/2012 5:41:05 PM

Not surprisingly, we turn the other cheek again. Syria should have been given an ultimatum and asked to clear all armor and aircraft from a zone along the border. If not complied then they should be all taken out.

joe Maddin

9/29/2012 5:37:55 PM

Does the grand vizir realize the ridicule of a 'note'? I wonder how many notes the Syrian government should send Turkey to thank them for hosting criminals and arming a opposition made of renegates and islamists, and also to facilitate their passage in Syria to kill and create destroy the coutry insituitions . It would fill a book...
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