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“Miss Turkey” was chosen May 31, with some 20 women competing against each other to win the title “Miss Turkey 2012” during a live broadcast on a private TV station. The winner of the contest was Açelya Samyeli Danoğlu. The contest also featured two concerts by Atiye and Can Bonomo.

Danoğlu came out on top at the end of the night and she will now represent Turkey in the Miss World 2012 competition in China. The first runner up, Çağıl Özge Özkul, will represent the country in Miss Universe and the second runner up, Melisa Durasa, will go to Miss Earth. The third runner up of the contest, Meltem Tüzüner won the title of Miss International.


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Notice on comments

Rorschach ~

6/3/2012 5:51:02 PM

Red tail - is this any more demeaning than expecting women to keep their heads covered while in public?


6/3/2012 4:29:16 PM

I know this whole thing is old fashioned and may demean women in some ways, but which one of us did not look at a beautiful girl and felt blessed?

MR Somalia

6/3/2012 12:56:12 PM

Congratulations to her and I know Turkish women are beautiful. Turkish television shows such as Asi are actually popular in Somalia. I bet you didn't know that! There are quiet number of Somali super models but I have never seen them compete in the Miss Universe. Most Turks probably know Iman which became the first black model on Vogue and on Michael Jackson's "Remember the time" video playing Queen Cleopatra.

Red Tail

6/3/2012 8:07:02 AM

Eric Martin. I think women are far more than a decoration or something for men to look at. You want to degrade women to something whis is supposed to please men. Stone age mentality. I want women to be equal, have the same job opportunities. etc. If you are so fond of beauty, when do sports and become beautiful yourself instead of drowling at half nude women.

Eric Martin

6/3/2012 2:33:27 AM

Red Tail doesn't like looking at pretty women. There are competitions for those occupations.


6/2/2012 6:16:00 PM

i have been living in trabzon for many years and if you walk up ''long street'', you see more beautiful and stunning girls than those.

Red Tail

6/2/2012 11:31:36 AM

Beauty competitions feel really old fashioned and belongs to a time when women's main role was to be beautiful. Why not instead praise women who do really good things in the world like good authors, polititians, artists, company leaders. They are the heros of the world, not a 20 year old girl who has done nothing in life and just happened to be born with a pretty face.
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