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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and newly appointed minister Shaul Mofaz attend the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem May 13, 2012. REUTERS Photo

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and newly appointed minister Shaul Mofaz attend the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem May 13, 2012. REUTERS Photo

Israel needs to come to terms with Turkey's superpower status in the Middle East, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz said during a recent speech at the Washington Institute.
Mofaz underlined the importance of mending ties between Sırael and Turkey, defining it as "necessary for the strategic goals of Israel and for the strategic goals of Turkey."
Mofaz called on leaders of both nations to put their differences behind and work toward better relations, according to the Washington Institute.  
The former allies have become foes as a result of Turkey’s objections to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.
In its lowest point, Israeli commandos killed eight Turks and one Turkish-American in a 2010 raid on the Mavi Marmara ship that was leading a flotilla attempting to break the Israeli embargo of the Gaza Strip.
Turkey last year downgraded diplomatic relations and cut all military ties with Israel as a result of the raid.


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Notice on comments

Chas Spencer

6/21/2012 7:10:19 PM

At long last there is a stearing of Conxience on the Israeli Political Sceene. Did Israel finally awaken to realize that Turkey will never play the Second Fidle next to Israel,like the one dealing with the Telescope, produced in Israel, reputed to be the best available in the Worl and needed for the Turkish, soon to be launched Satelite. Israel offered to sell, with the precondition that it would not be able to work over Israel. All this,while Israeli jets flew freely fly in Turkey. Some Deal?

dario Kurd

6/21/2012 4:51:10 PM

Turkey canot be a superpower while in war with 1 third of it people..Kurds still view Turk state as an occuping state. turkey cannot be stong unless grant Kurds autonomy and recognise Kurdish as a second official language of Turkey

Turk down under

6/21/2012 3:10:32 AM

Netanyahu (don't like him but)he did express deep regret initially,soon after the MM incident. No words to describe Lieberman except to say he's as welcome to Israel as Nikolaos Michaloliakos is to Greece! Dutch Turk:From what I know,there are more Israelis who would like to resume relations with Turkey than those who wouldn't, and not for any ulterior motives as mentioned on some comments here.Just hope good sense prevails on both sides.Let's face it the Arabs are not yet a reliable partner

Turk down under

6/21/2012 2:54:51 AM

Turk Uzan: cont- Education not military might will determine Turkey's role in the middle East and in the global community. Erdogan by removing for eg, all references of Charles Darwin and theory of evolution from school books, (whether you accept and support the evidence or not) leaves no room for discussion or open mindedness. Esteemed PM should not be allowed to dictate here. China -Dictatorial superpower but look at the emphasis on education.

Turk down under

6/21/2012 2:39:01 AM

Turk Uzan:Stratfor is an amazing medium for information,but I'm not as ambitious as Friedman is re- Turkey's rise to super power status over the next 20 years.Turkiye has always been in a highly stategic position and the importance still lays there. How Turkey conducts itself over the next 20yrs will determine where her future lays.It could start by raising the bar on education.See how many Nobel prize winners (in all areas academia) the Jews have and compare that with entire Muslim world.

turkic voice

6/21/2012 2:01:18 AM

Turks are a combination of all nationalitys we are the most mixed population on the face of the earth our DNA is everywhere, we can easily clame to be the brothers of all of you.

Lior Uziel

6/20/2012 11:46:37 PM

Update: the number of rockets in the last couple of days is now 100... Again - no schools for the southern part of Israel....


6/20/2012 10:46:48 PM

Turkey has the potential to be a "super power" but in no way it can be consider as such at the present time although growing with leaps and bounds. However I want to correct Hama Rahim; Turkey DOES NOT get any military and financial aid from abroad .Not anymore. I think Mr. Rahim is behind times, like some of my friends in USA who still think that USA is propping up Turkey as they do Israel and Egypt.Turkey actually became a donor nation. Case in point Somalia, Mali and several more nations.

VMT Ankara

6/20/2012 10:30:28 PM

Israel is a super power because they possess a nuclear arsenal. They are also a terrorist apartheid pariah regime set on the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by murdering their men, women & children, stealing their land, water, bulldozing their homes and uprooting their trees & crops. Israel is a threat not only to the Middle East but also Europe & America. Turkey should not try to mend relations with these criminals/terrorist.


6/20/2012 8:01:48 PM

Seems to me one Israeli woke up, lets hope it is not too late.
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